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biodegradable cutting fluid - JELT® BIO+

Jelt's Cutting Fluid Oil is a completely environment-friendly and biodegradable BIO+ cutting-oil made from a solution of synthetic and natural oils. It is suitable for standard...

machining fluid - 1000 l | UNIVERSELLE 150 SC

The Motul UNIVERSELLE 150 SC is a multi purpose, high performance neat cutting oil designed...

machining fluid - 208 l | SUPRACO 4030

SUPRACO 4010 is a cutting oil manufactured without organo-chlorinated additives, and is very convenient...

machining fluid - max. 1000 l | SUPRACO 4040

The Supraco 4040, which is manufactured by Motul, is a lightly colored, neat cutting oil...

metal cutting fluid - max. 1000 l | SUPRACO 5040

The Supraco 5040 is a cutting oil manufactured without organo-chlorinated additives, and...

metal cutting fluid - max. 208 l | SUPRACO 5050

The SUPRACO 5050 is a cutting oil manufactured without organo-chlorinated additives that make it...

metal cutting fluid - max. 208 l | SUPRACO 5050

Metalworking liquid is a macro-classified element in which there is a large number of items for a colossal mixture of components identified with the processing steps of mechanical parts of different...

cutting fluid - Carecut

Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of world-class, high performance neat oils and product support services to:


machining fluid - Shell Tonna

The Tonna from Shell has been engineered to provide effective lubrication levels to tables,...

synthetic cutting fluid - 388

Safe, pure synthetic formula for machining operations performed at high speed and feed...

machining fluid - MICROCHEM 35®

MICROCHEM®35 is an extreme pressure fluid, with...

metal cutting fluid - Coolube® 2210

Coolube® 2210 is formulated as a metal cutting lubricant for metals, wood, rubber, and most plastics. It is 100% natural, non-toxic, non-staining, and will not oxidize (become sticky or leave a residue)....

cutting fluid - Coolube® 2210EP

Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricant

Coolube® 2210EP features a special formulation ideal for ferrous metals. Its 100% natural base with extreme pressure additives will not oxidize (become...

cutting fluid - Coolube® 2210EP

It can be used for all abrasive materials on foundations such as fibre wheels, sheeting, endless grinding bands, abrasive sleeves, orbital sanders, and special machines.


cutting fluid - Tapmatic® #1

Does not contain water, solvents, or inactive fillers
Reduces cutting...

water-based cutting fluid - Tapmatic® AquaCut

Corrosion inhibitors prevent flash rusting
Safe on...

biodegradable cutting fluid - Tapmatic® Natural

Safe on all metals
High performance...

cutting fluid - Tapmatic® Dual Action Plus #2

No chlorinated solvents
Improves surface finish and...

cutting fluid - Tapmatic®

Safe on all metals
Ecological and economical
Does not...

machining fluid - Accu-Lube LB10000

Medium to heavy duty machining lubricant.


machining fluid - Accu-Lube LB2000

Heavy duty machining lubricant designed for use with both ferrous and non-ferrous...

machining fluid - Accu-Lube LB4000

Light to medium duty machining lubricant.

Features and...

machining fluid - Accu-Lube LB5000

Medium duty machining lubricant.

Features and benefits


synthetic cutting fluid / semi - ULTRACUT 320

Long life high performance EP semi-synthetic cutting & grinding fluid.

Formulated to provide superior performance...

water-based cutting fluid - B-Cool

Exceptionally stable water miscible coolants for longest sump life in both centralized systems and stand alone machines. Very clean...

water-based cutting fluid - B-Cool


Water-soluble, ester-based metal removal fluids...

water-based cutting fluid - B-Cool


Liquid, natural or synthetic compounds...

water-based cutting fluid - B-Cool


Liquid, natural or synthetic compounds...

cutting fluid - OIL CUT series

Low machinability.
Low viscosity, excellent wetting agent and coolant...

machining fluid - USINOV 2000 series

Anticorrosive, antifoaming, excellent refrigerant and lubricity properties

machining fluid - Starcut 5500 ST

The oil is mixed with water by continuous stirring(put oil in water). The result will be a great and high-yield...

synthetic cutting fluid / semi - BAND-ADE®

General purpose flood coolant designed for light to moderate-duty machining applications involving both ferrous and non-ferrous metals


synthetic cutting fluid - SAW MASTER™

Specially formulated flood coolant for light to moderate-duty applications on ferrous metals and alloys

Lubricants and...

cutting fluid - SOGEVER FG®

Our evaporating and washable SOGEVER FG® fluids give a first-class cut thanks...

cutting fluid - SOGEVER FG®

Production requirements have brought about higher cutting speeds and deeper machining operations....

synthetic cutting fluid / semi - S-787

Hangsterfer’s S-787 semi synthetic represents the next...

synthetic cutting fluid - Crystal Cut 243

Crystal Cut 243 can be used for general machining and turning of cast iron and steel. Crystal Cut 243 can also be used for some grinding applications. It is designed for use between 3% and 10%. As the hardness of the material increases, the concentration...

metal cutting fluid - Hard-Cut NG

Hard Cut NG is the “Next Generation”,...

machining fluid - PC 20

Hangsterfer’s introduces a new series based on “Polar...

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