Decontamination units

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Decontamination units
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Plants for the sterilisation and decontamination of wastewater for research facilities, hospitals and industry.

EnviroDTS plants are...

decontamination unit process water - Sterifix

SteriFix plants inactivate, sterilise and disinfect wastewater. The plants are used for the treatment of wastewater containing infectious...

decontamination unit collapsible with a rigid structure - Mass Decon

The mass decon system is used to decontaminate people in a minimum of time with a maximum efficiency...

decontamination unit collapsible with a rigid structure - Mass Decon

The integrated shower system is a garment installed in the shelters.

It creates different...

decontamination unit air for food industry - CleanCloud

Molds and spores can be great challenges in the production and processing of baked goods. The prevention of contamination by microorganisms is of highest priority...

decontamination unit air for food industry - DecAx

Ortners Laminarflow DecAx Food was specifically developed for the food industry. This is a coordinated air decontamination...

decontamination unit air for food industry - DecAx

Using the fumigation system, Ortner has developed a new, innovative product for room decontamination for the pharmaceutical, animal laboratory, BSL3 and BSL4 laboratory areas, as well as hospitals.


decontamination unit process water - Cyanomat®

Cyanide - contaminated waste waters and concentrates (from surface technology and...

decontamination unit process water - 5 - 20 m³/h

In the dismantling of dismantled industrial areas very often polluting situations emerge related to the ground and to possible underlying layers. To that end Hydro Italia developed some systems able to decontaminate...

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