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delay line optical - max. 1 933 ps | ODL series

The OWISet optical delay line from OWIS is a full construction unit, featuring approved optical components, high-precision linear stages and a position control. For ease-of-use, there is an option to choose components individually....

delay line - 3.3 /5 V, 2.5GHz | SY100EP195V

The SY100EP195V is a programmable delay line, varying the time a logic signal takes to traverse from IN to Q. This delay can vary from about 2.2ns to...

delay line optical - VODL

The Variable Optical Delay Line (VODL) provides an active setup of the optical path...

delay line optical - FODL

The FODL model engineered by Kylia, is a stationary optical delay...

delay line - 65 - 881.5 MHz | xxxD2xx series

Saw RF delay-line assembly is a comprehensive system of devices that allows operation with...

delay line optical - scanDelay USB

The scanDelay is a device for introducing a well defined linear translation and positioning of an optical element, e.g. in interferometers, pump and probe configurations, correlators, or fast scan modules.

The heart of the A·P·E optical delay line series scanDelay is a special linear translation stage that is supplied together with appropriate control and drive electronics. The...

delay line optical - scanDelay USB

General Photonics’ motorized variable optical delay line provides precision optical path length adjustment of up to 560 ps. Driven by a DC motor with an integrated encoder, the MDL-002 has a delay resolution of less than 0.3µm (1 fs), and an extremely low backlash of less...

delay line optical - scanDelay USB

The VDL-002 is a miniaturized variable optical delay line designed specifically for OEM applications. With a delay range of up to 250 ps, this device is a superior replacement for the variable RF phase shifters inadequately adapted from the RF/ wireless field for fiber optic communications. It is especially useful...

delay line optical - 1 260 - 1 650 nm, 1 dB

General Photonics manually variable optical delay line provides precision optical path variation of...

delay line optical - ODL-340

Max. delay up to 330 psec

The ODL-340 uses an air-gap method to generate a delay in the optical signal. The duration of the delay is controlled by adjusting...

delay line optical - ODL-340



delay line - 20 - 1000 ns | A08, A14, SA08, SMA14 Series

RCDs active delay lines have been designed to provide precise tap delays with all the necessary drive and pick-off...

delay line - 5 - 5 000 ns | SMP1410, P0805, P1410, P2420

RCDs passive delay line series are a lumped constant design

delay line - 5 - 750 ns | SP05, SP10 Series

RCDs SP05 and SP10 passive delay line series are a lumped
constant design per applicable...

delay line - 0.1 - 1 000 ns | SMP01S, P01S, P01, S01

RCDs passive delay lines are a lumped constant design,

delay line - 0.1 - 1 000 ns | SMP01S, P01S, P01, S01

Leukos FDL large stroke optical delay line is designed with all-fiber setup, delivering reliable...

delay line - 0.1 - 1 000 ns | SMP01S, P01S, P01, S01

Micro-Coax delay lines are a highly reliable method of providing short delays in RF and Microwave systems. We specialize...

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