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video Brokk 500 kg, 5.5 kW | Brokk 60
Compact remote controlled 500 kg, 5.5 kW | Brokk 60 Brokk

The Brokk 60 is the perfect solution for safe and effective demolition in confined spaces. It is the smallest model in the Brokk family – actually the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine...

video Brokk 990 kg, 15 kW | BROKK 100
Compact remote controlled 990 kg, 15 kW | BROKK 100 Brokk

Brokk 100 is the successor of one of our most sold demolition machines ever. And what an upgrade! This next generation Brokk offers 35 percent more hitting power, a more energy-effective engine, reduced...

video Brokk 1 600 kg, 18.5 kW | BROKK 160
Compact remote controlled 1 600 kg, 18.5 kW | BROKK 160 Brokk

Don’t let the size fool you. The Brokk 160 is another big leap forward when it comes to size / performance ratio: Stunningly strong. Surprisingly...

video Brokk 3 050 kg, 22 kW | BROKK 260
Compact remote controlled 3 050 kg, 22 kW | BROKK 260 Brokk

Our most wanted model is back in a new package, updated to a new high level to cope with even greater demands within the demolition industry. The Brokk 260 is a perfect all-round machine and the basic...

video Brokk 4 500 kg, 50 kW | BROKK 330D
Heavyduty 4 500 kg, 50 kW | BROKK 330D Brokk

The Brokk 330D is one of the most powerful diesel-driven demolition machines available today. It outperforms conventional excavators several times heavier with both its breaking power...

video Brokk 5 100 kg, 30 kW | BROKK 400
Heavyduty 5 100 kg, 30 kW | BROKK 400 Brokk

The Brokk 400 is the largest machine in the Brokk range and the most powerful demolition robot available on the market today. As with all Brokk machines,...

video Husqvarna Construction Products DXR 310
Compact remote controlled DXR 310 Husqvarna Construction Products

The Husqvarna DXR 310 is packed with new technology, smart solutions, modern design and...

1 products Avant Tecno Oy
new video Avant Tecno Oy ROBOT 185
Compact remote controlled ROBOT 185 Avant Tecno Oy

A low center of gravity means better stability, safety and as a result - better productivity. Avant Robot 185 has all its main hydraulic and electronic components contained within the lower carriage for...

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