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compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - 500 kg, 5.5 kW | Brokk 60

Brokk 60 is considered to be the shortest remote-controlled demolition machine in the world that is ideal for a secured and high productivity in compact areas. This machine is considerably more efficient than a handheld...

compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - 990 kg, 15 kW | BROKK 100

The Brokk 100 is a new demolition machine that features an increase of 35% in hitting power, a more energy-efficient engine, and a minimized weight and transport height while still maintaining its constant...

compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - 1 600 kg, 18.5 kW | BROKK 160

The 160 is part of BROKK'S demolition machines clocking 410 joules at the tip. It is equipped with a powerful, remote controlled...

compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - 3 050 kg, 22 kW | BROKK 260

Introducing the latest model of Brokk machine series that is redeveloped to enhance certain capabilities that will sure out stand its predecessors. The Brokk 260 is the perfect model that has the touch of history timeline still having...

intensive use demolition robot - 4 500 kg, 50 kW | BROKK 330D

The 400D model, engineered by Brokk, is an excavator that is best applied on areas that lacks power supply. It is capable of surpassing other demolition...

compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - DXR 310

The Husqvarna DXR 310 has a steel telescopic boom with a range of 5.5 m including...

hydrodemolition demolition robot - 1 160 kg | Aqua Cutter 410V

The AQUA CUTTER 410V is specially designed for applications in confined areas and to replace hand lance work....

compact demolition robot / remote-controlled - ROBOT 185

A low center of gravity means better stability, safety and as a result - better productivity. Avant Robot 185 has all its main hydraulic and electronic components contained within the lower carriage for the lowest...

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