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digital micrometer - 314-251-10

The V-Anvil Micrometer from MITUTOYO is used for measuring the outside diameter of cutting...

tabletop micrometer / digital - min. 1 μm | MF-501

The MF-501 features a 50 mm length of measure and 1µm at 20° C accuracy. This digital device...

digital micrometer / tabletop - min. 1 μm | MF-1001

The Nikon The MF-1001 is a compact digital micrometer. Designed for for dimensions, thickness...

tabletop micrometer / digital - Precimar ULM 800 L-E / 1500 L-E

The Precimar ULM 300-E / 600-E / 1000-E / 1500-E are universal length measuring machines used to provide accurate and precise measurement in control of gages and measuring devices...

digital micrometer / tabletop - max. 10 mm | PS17

The PS17 Model, manufactured by Sylvac, is a digital micrometer bench which is compatible with Sylvac...

tabletop micrometer / digital - max. 50 mm | PS16

The PS16 is a bench table specifically designed to monitor the internal dimensions up to 70 mm, and external dimensions up to 50 mm. It is available in VS and LVS versions, with an integrated...

digital micrometer / tabletop - 777MEXFLZ, 777EXFLZ

The Starrett 777 Electronic Bench Micrometer...

tabletop micrometer / digital - INTERAPID SHE.30, 35 series

The ideal solution for precise inspection of small part series dedicated to

digital micrometer / tabletop - QUICK-CONTROL 160 series

This versatile shop tool allows 2-point measurement of part series using
one mobile insert coupled with the sensor plus another fixed one fitted with
a clamp for mounting any dial gauge, precision...

digital micrometer / tabletop - 0-625 mm | C series

If you're looking for a direct-reading bench micrometer and an electronic size comparator for use in the calibration laboratory or on the production floor, look no further, the third-generation...

tabletop micrometer / digital - 0-625 mm | PC series

New from Pratt & Whitney, a computer based bench micrometer and direct reading external measuring system designed for high accuracy gage calibration and part measurement....

digital micrometer / tabletop - 49-60

TMI 49-60, 61, 62 and 63 Series Micrometers provide the precision necessary for the critical thickness measurement of numerous sheet materials.

Films, Foils, Papers, Tissue, Corrugated, Paperboard, Carton board, Plastics, Rubber, Felt, Fiberboard

- Meets ASTM...

digital micrometer / tabletop - 49-50

Model 49-5X is a precision micrometer for measuring thickness of sheet materials such as Textiles, Fabrics and Non-wovens. A selection of pressure feet is available to meet a variety of standards requirements. The unit also incorporates a unique cantilever system to vary the pressure exerted on the sample by adding or removing weights. Pressure foot speed and dwell...

digital micrometer / tabletop - 49-76/77

Testing Machines Inc., of the TMI Group of Companies, is pleased to introduce two new precision micrometers.

Our latest innovation, the model 49-76/77 thickness tester, incorporates a robust...

tabletop micrometer / digital - 49-56

The new model 49-56 precision digital micrometer combines a modern contemporary look with a robust mechanical design and new improved electronics, including a digital linear encoder. The system features a comprehensive software program for controlling test speed, auto zero, auto sample detect, selectable opening distance, selectable measurement range, selectable dwell time, built-in auto sample feed...

tabletop micrometer / digital - 0-175 mm/0-7”

Offers effective calibration of Thread Plug Gauges and Taps.
Provides Major, Minor Diameters calibration...

digital micrometer - MIC1B

Standard reading in .001" increments on both...

digital micrometer - MICED1B

Display reads to 0.00005" (0.001mm). Zero...

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