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column type drill / fabric - max. 29.2 cm (11.5

The Eastman CD3 cloth drill marker has been designed for drilling holes through...

column type drill / fabric - max. 29.2 cm (11.5

The CD3H is called the Hot Cloth drill that leaves clear and visible marks...

column type drill - DP1550

1/2 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor™ – heavy duty power to bore through the toughest materials
Heavy duty construction – extra wide cast iron base, table, head and heavy gauge tubular steel column
Left/right hub – allows positioning of the crank handles...

column type drill - max. 3 100 rpm | PCB660DP

X-Y axial projecting laser guides provide accurate pre-alignment of drilling location

Twelve operating speeds (300-3100RPM) allows for drilling in metals...

column type drill - 15

15" Drill Press with Laser and LED Light is the Power You Want

Whether you're into metal or wood, step your game up a few levels - and make your life easier - with the Craftsman 15" drill press with laser...

column type drill - max. 25 mm | V-belt

SCANTOOL belt driven drill presses cover a
capacity ranging from 2 mm to 25 mm. The simple construction ensures...

column type drill - SB 30/35/40

Danish top quality
Superior Finish/Design

column type drill - SBM 25B

HM geared head drill presses models SBM 25B are produced with more...

column type drill - GMB series

Machine features
Metal scroll saw is precisely constructed, easy to operate,...

punching drill / CNC / pneumatic / press - 300 kN, 5 - 200 mm, 0.3 - 3.5 mm | STA CNC 800/30

Speed up to 800 teeth per minute or more then 12 per second
CNC control via Touch Panel
Process control
Programmable speed, number of strokes etc.
Heavy Duty,...

punching drill / pneumatic / press / high-speed - 300 kN, 5 - 200 mm, 2.2 mm | STA 30/600CE

Stroke power 300 KN (30 tons)
Made in Switzerland, all mechanical parts
Machine with CE certificate
Adjustable speed 60 - 600 teeth (strokes) per minute up to 10 teeth in one second
Equipped with twin synchronized...

multi-spindle drill / column type - 240-02

Multi-spindle drilling system for A3...

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