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The full metal hoods of the FAW series can be used like an angled adapter and are characterized by excellent shielding properties....


How to choose this product


Electrical connectors provide an electro-mechanical connection between electrical systems. The connector is designed to be easily disconnected when the electrical device needs to be isolated.


Manufacturers will generally specify for what type of application their electrical connectors are designed for. This includes: hygienic, explosive, underwater, wash-down, high temperature, EMI applications and other types of applications.


Electrical connectors are in most cases used to join copper cables or terminals together. They come with a specified number of poles, a physical shape and a current and voltage rating. Most manufacturers will specify the shape of their electrical connector, such as rectangular or circular.

How to choose

When searching for an electrical connector, be sure to specify the number of poles, the current, the voltage and the type of environment your electrical device will be used in.

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