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expandable chuck - FORTIS

Among Schunk's special hydraulic technologies is the FORTIS expansion arbors. It is a highly...

expandable chuck - FORTIS

Schunk's Fortis is an expansion arbor that offer a high run-out precision and repeatability...

expandable chuck - FORTIS

The Fortis is an expansion arbor manufactured by Schunk. Its key features include a superior run-out precision,...

expandable chuck - ø 11,9 - 129,6 mm | BKDI

Taper Collet Centre Mandrels BKDI


For clamping diameters between 11,9 mm and 129,6 mm
High true running...

expandable chuck - ø 18 - 200 mm | LBDF

The LBDF model is a clamping chuck developed by Siam Ringspann. It is specifically designed to...

expandable chuck - ø 11,9 - 129,6 mm | BKDF

The BKDF is manufactured by SIAM Ringspann. It is a taper collet flange mandrel BKDF, that...

expandable chuck - ø 9 - 100 mm | HKDF

The HKDF unit is a tapered sleeve flange mandrel that is ideally utilized by applications...

expandable chuck - ø 41 - 560 mm | KFDF

Flat Element Flange Mandrels KFDF
as Complete Clamping Fixture


For clamping diameters from 120 mm to 325 mm
High true...

expandable chuck / flange-mount - KFS / MFS series

Roehm's KFS and MFS series of cartridge mandrels is generally used for applications that involve turning, cutting, toothcutting, measuring, balancing,...

expandable chuck / manually-operated - MZS

The MZS is suitable for use in turning, grinding, cutting, and measuring operations. The unit provides...

expandable chuck - KFB

The KFB Series of Expandable Chuck, manufactured by RÖHM, is specifically designed for turning, milling, grinding, and...

expandable chuck / manually-operated - MZB

The MZB Series of Expander/Automatic Control, manufactured by ROHM, is specifically designed for turning, grinding,...

expandable chuck / manually-operated - MZE

The MZE model provides internal clamping on grinding, and easy turning operations. It can also...

expandable chuck - 11.9 - 129.6 mm | BKDF

This product is often regarded as a complete clamping fixture, offering support for various applications in the industry. In addition to the support for clamping...

expandable chuck / push-fit - 13 mm | CK-S

The CK-S, manufactured by Renova, ensures firm expansion at minimal torques. The automatic expanding chuck...

expandable chuck / flange-mount - CK-SF

This chuck lock features a self-expanding and self-locking structure. The device is specifically...

expandable chuck / pneumatic - CK-PM

The CK-PM are self-expanding and self-locking chuck locks. The locks are made of treated seal which...

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - max. ø 100 mm | QUADRO®

The KSD cone expanding mandrels are ingeniously designed components, geared to deliver excellent clamping results for compact work-pieces. The clamping is accomplished internally with maximum clamping...

expandable chuck - ø 15 - 80 mm

The cone expanding mandrel CenterGrip is designed without a draw bolt making it possible...

expandable chuck / pneumatic - PSK.ZR.F series

The series PSK.ZR.F is a pneumatic clamping chuck manufactured by IBD. It is available in the...

expandable chuck / flange-mount - MSK-TM series

The MSK-TM series by IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH is an expanding chuck or flange mount EMF which is expanded through axial pressure. The unit is supplied through...

expandable chuck / flange-mount - MSK-S / SM series

The MSK-S/SM series is a line of mechanical expansion chucks manufactured by IBD. This tool is designed...

expandable chuck - ø 5 - 400 mm | SP

With the SP System, the clamping sleeves are compressed in the direction of the force by introducing an axial force, which causes them to expand radially. This...

expandable chuck - ø 5 - 400 mm | SZ

By introducing an axial force, a split collet is expanded radially over a taper....

expandable chuck - ø 5 - 300 mm | SH

The SH Hydraulic Clamping System is a closed system that is filled with hydraulic fluid. By introducing force using...

expandable chuck - ø 8 - 235 mm, ø 1.5 - 5 mm | T-EP series

Use: turning, grinding, balancing and inspection operations
High degree of expansibility 1.5 to 5 mm depending on the diameter of the sleeve
Possibility to...

expandable chuck - ø 5.5 - 79.7 mm, ø 0.5 - 1 mm | T-EPN series

Use: turning, milling, grinding, shaving and inspection operations
Expansibility 0.5 to 1 mm depending on the diameter of the sleeve
Possibility to clamp worpieces...

expandable chuck - ø 14.7 - 101.7 mm, ø 1.5 - 2 mm | T-MEP series

Use: turning, milling, grinding, shaving, gear cutting and inspection operations

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - ø 5.5 - 79.5 mm, ø 0.5 - 1 mm | TMCMN series

Use: turning, milling, grinding and inspection operations
Expansibility 0.5 to 1 mm depending...

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - ø 14.7 - 82.7 mm, ø 1 - 2 mm | TMCM series

Use: turning, milling, grinding gear hobbing, balancing and inspection operations
Expansibility 1 to 2 mm depending on the diameter...

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - ø 14.7 - 82.7 mm, ø 1 - 2 mm | TMCM series

Hardinge force-limiting step chuck takes the headache out of thin-wall turning. Maintain inside and outside concentricity of thin-wall parts...

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - ø 14.7 - 82.7 mm, ø 1 - 2 mm | TMCM series

To balance tools with cylindrical bore

expandable chuck / morse taper shank - ø 14.7 - 82.7 mm, ø 1 - 2 mm | TMCM series

A venture into new dimensions. Whenever and wherever in the technical world production challenges require innovative workholding solutions with maximum precision and reliability,...

expandable chuck - max. 5 500 daN | EM series

Interchangeable clamping sleeves for maximum flexibility.

The power-operated...

expandable chuck / manually-operated - EM series

A flexible, cost effective and surprisingly efficient alternative. Hand-operated mandrels...

expandable chuck - D series

Highlights of the D series
Wide clamping range

expandable chuck - Ø 14.7 - 129.7 mm | EM-A

Hand or Power Operated Expanding Mandrels

expandable chuck - Ø 18 - 105 mm | EM-S

Power operated segment sleeve mandrels
Size Range: 18mm - 105mm
For turning grinding and milling

expandable chuck - Ø 16.0 - 129.5 mm | EM-B

Hand or Power Operated Expanding Mandrels

expandable chuck - Ø 20 – 100 mm | MANDO T211

With draw bolt.


expandable chuck - Ø 8 – 100 mm | MANDO T212

Without draw bolt.


expandable chuck - MANDO T812

Without draw bolt.

Only radial clamping, no...

expandable chuck - MANDO T812

Internal clamping sleeves with double taper are
suited to internal clamping...

expandable chuck - MANDO T812

Expanding mandrels are the ideal solution to many workholding problems. By holding parts on most of the datum bore (or outside diameter in the case of a collet chuck) the clamping forces are evenly distributed, reducing distortions during part manufacture.

Mandrels also provide a...


How to choose this product


Expanding mandrels are tool components used to grip objects by their inner diameter. They hold workpieces for machining applications such as turning, milling and grinding.


Expanding mandrels are most often used on lathes for turning operations. They can also hold parts for measuring purposes, such as checking for concentricity. They also can hold multiple parts simultaneously, making them preferable to lathe chucks for certain turning operations.


The expanding mandrel holds a hollow workpiece from within to facilitate work on its exterior surface. A screw or piston gradually expands the tapered mandrel until it grips the piece firmly.

How to choose

Be sure to determine the approximate diameter of the workpiece when selecting an expanding mandrel.


- Concentricity

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