Extrusion coating lines

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Extrusion lines
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coating extrusion line - max. 600 m/min

This extrusion line is developed by SML Maschinengesellschaft m.b.H. It can deliver a high production speed performance...

coating extrusion line - 9 - 80 µm, max. 250 m/min

The Extrusion coating line series, manufactured by SML Maschinengesellschaft m.b.H®, is utilized as a plastic...

coating extrusion line - max. 250 m/min

Extrusion lines are capable of accomodating products that are 4600 mm wide and is integrated...

coating extrusion line - max. 250 m/min

The typical extrusion coating line is comprised of a continuous unwind, surface treatment, and extrusion systems. Extrusion laminating process is done to create...

coating extrusion line - 700 Kg/h

The Extrusion Coating and lamination is ideal preference for producing multi-layered composite laminates...

coating extrusion line - 700 Kg/h

This extrusion line is developed by B.G. PLAST S.r.l. With the BG Plast extrusion lines, possibilities for the combination of plastic with...

coating extrusion line -

easy-to-manage touch screen ; "Live" for production (opt.)
gravimetric hopper feeder ; multi-component dosing unit (opt.)
50/60/80/100/120 - L/D 30

coating extrusion line -

Extrusion Coating Lines (Lamination Plant) :

For coating thin layer of polyolefin's (Mainly LDPE...

coating extrusion line -

YVROUD coating lines were initially intended for cable production, but have found many cladding applications:

Wires and metal cables
Tubes and plastic wires

coating extrusion line / for PVDC - max. 1200 mm

Macro's PVdC extrusion coating line is an affordable alternative for coating different substrates with PVdC. One of the greatest benefits of the...

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