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food scale / compact / waterproof - 1.5 - 30 kG | Valor 7000 series

The OHAUS Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in OHAUSs line of reliable and durable...

food scale / compact / waterproof - max. 30 kg, IP65 | Valor™ 1000W

The Ohaus VALOR™ 1000 Compact Washdown Food Scales delivers a water-proof, sanitary, dual...

food scale / floor - max. 500 kg, IP68

This floor scale for food applications is equipped with a hinged gas lift load plate that enables easy wash down in hygienic operations. Scales which are incorporated in the process are built to comply...

food scale / floor - -10 °C ... 40 °C

Structure for fold-away electronic scales destined exclusively...

food scale / floor - RoughDeck SD

An easy-to-lift polyethylene top plate on the RoughDeck SD provides an efficient mechanism...

food scale / floor - 400 - 1 500 kg, max. 1 500 - 1 500 mm | WPT/4N series

Ramp scales with stainless steel load cells are widely applied in meat, fish, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical...

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