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Foot switches
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control foot switch / electric - M5, G1/4 | 2, 3 series

It is a single-pole changeover contact micro switch spool type that uses a cable entry via PG9 wires. With dry air reaching -10°C, its...

control foot switch / electric - M5, G1/4 | 2, 3 series

Cablecraft Motion Controls has been providing foot controls for industries around the world, to satisfactorily meet individual customer requirements. Theseapplications...

control foot switch / electric - M5, G1/4 | 2, 3 series

The 165-574-001 and 002 throttle pedals have been designed for use in industrial trucks, farm equipment, and construction. The units are constructed of corrosion-free die cast metal, plated steel hardware, and plastic bushings for years of consistent...

accelerator foot switch / control - -14 °C ... +90 °C (-25 °F ... +160 °F)

The CH530/CH531 are cost-effective, rugged and compactly designed throttle pedals perfect for a number of machinery and equipment. It permits rear or front throttle connection...

control foot switch / electric / double - ST

Using the electric foot fuses, primary current actuators are usually managed. The particularsignificant-size control keys...

control foot switch / pneumatic / double - PFP

The PFP has a pneumatic operating power and an operating channel with an IP 21...

control foot switch / electric - 99-10433-01

This footswitch is ideal for use with...

control foot switch - JK-x series

Work Mode
a) Gated: Pump stops when it is powered on. Pump runs when...

control foot switch - JK-x series

For hands-free operation...

control foot switch - JK-x series

zoom in and out ...

control foot switch - JK-x series

Product Overview:
Progressive Automations Foot controls are designed to work in conjunction with our control boxes. They can also be integrated into your project without a control box to control more actuators simultaneously or individually. We currently have 3 different types of control boxes in stock....

control foot switch - VFM series

Rugged construction aluminum body on request...

control foot switch - VFM series

Control pedals

Electric and pneumatic control pedals.


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