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force-plate - ±10 kN | 9129AA

This multi-component dynamometer is made by Kistler. It has an extensive measuring...

force-plate - max. 20 kN | 9281E

This Multicomponent Force Plate is exclusively designed for Biomechanics and features an extensive...

force-plate - ± 4 kN, 39 x 80 mm | 9119AA1

This is a compact dynamometer that is available with lower threshold and also highest natural - frequency than any other dynamometers,...

force-plate - ± 4 kN, 55 x 80 mm | 9119AA2

The Kistler Multicomponent Force Plate highly sensitive Type 9119AA2 is a low-threshold dynamometer with a very compact build. The unit has the highest natural dynamometer...

force-plate - -10 ... 60 kN | 9255C

The Piezoelectric 3-component dynamometer is designed to measures the three orthogonal...

force-plate - PFS

- Sensors and gauges measure the reactive force from the road surface...

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