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gantry crane - 20 t, 30 t | ERA-D

ERA-M and ERA-D Gantry...

gantry crane - ERA-D

ERA-D TYPE gantry cranes...

gantry crane / workshop - max. 500 lbs

The 3-Leg Tub Demolder/Rotator Gantry is designed to assist in the demolding process of cast marble or solid surface...

gantry crane / workshop - max.  4 000 lbs


The 4 leg gantry is designed to assist in the demolding process
in cast marble or solid surface production. Utilizing lifters and hoists, the

gantry crane / bulk materials - max. 4000 lbs

Bulk Bag Gantries are used to lift Bulk Bags (aka Super Sacks) into position over a Ground Hopper.

Bulk Bag Gantries and Ground Hoppers are generally used in conjunction with Gruber Systems’ Autocaster Ultra continuous casting systems. Ground Hoppers provide a longer term supply of fillers to the metering hoppers mounted on top of the Autocaster system - so that the continuous casting capability...

light crane / gantry - max. 4 000 lbs

Application: The 6-leg demold gantry is designed to assist in the demolding process in cast marble or solid surface production. Utilizing lifters...

light crane / gantry - max. 4 000 lbs

The gantry support carries the gasket glueing frame. This gantry support is composed of four columns fixed to the ground by dowels, two crossbeams and a craneway. On this craneway two electrical...

gantry crane - 500 - 5 000 kg

With I-beam bridge
Supplied as standard with: Sides...

gantry crane - 500 - 5 000 kg

The new gantry crane made of lightweight ALUminum profile

Basic data:

- Movable gantry crane
- ALUminium profile construction
- DIN 15018 Hoisting class: H1
- DIN 15018 Loading Group: B1
- Installation location: indoor / outdoor
- Low dead weight
- Easy...

gantry crane / rubber-tired - RTG

Vahle offers e-RTG solutions for the RTG future. It can save almost 95 percent of the diesel consumption and reduce the maintenance cost up to 70 percent. It features a fully automatic VAHLE Electrification system. It can perform efficient functions with success to make sure the finest use of the energy that is...


How to choose this product


A gantry crane is a crane which uses a hoist to move heavy objects. The hoist is frequently attached to a rail or multiple rails allowing the user to move the object horizontally. The gantry cranes are mounted on rails or rubber tyres. They also exist in semi-portal meaning that one side is fixed onto a wall or immovable support while the other is mounted on rails or wheels. Often used in heavy industries these cranes can also be adapted to workshops to transport lighter loads.


Gantry crane are particularly suited to lifting very heavy objects and have been used in dry docks for shipbuilding. The crane straddles the object (often ship engines) to place them for the construction of the ship. Lighter versions of these cranes are also used in workshops.


The gantry cranes are mounted on rails to allow movement in a linear direction or can be mounted on rubber tyres which allows the crane to be more versatile. For the semi-portal one side of the crane is fixed on a rail on a wall while the other side is mounted on rails or wheels parallel to the wall.

How to choose

The application and the size of the object to be transported will dictate the choice of gantry crane to be used.

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