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gantry crane / rail - 12.5 - 50 t, 30 - 35 m | EVPE, ZVPE

The full-portal cranes manufactured by Demag can be integrated into existing in-house logistic processes and production facilities, requiring little design effort. There are various models available,...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop - max. 3 200 kg

The portal cranes in the KBK series are ideal for various applications, especially for situations when a solution cannot handle a permanent crane,...

light crane / gantry - max. 2 t, max. 5 m | LPK

This equipment comes with four maneuverable end...

gantry crane / electric / rail / outdoor - 12.5 - 50 t, 30 - 35 m | EVPE, ZVPE

Demag full-portal cranes can often be integrated into existing production facilities and inhouse logistics processes with only little design effort. They mainly differ from semi-portal cranes...

gantry crane / workshop - max. 3 200 kg | EVP-KBK, ZVP-KBK

KBK portal cranes have a load capacity up to 3,200 kg and are best suited for both assembly and repair work as well as for helping in...

gantry crane / rail - 180 t | TT180

This crane can lift 180 tons at a time while using...

gantry crane / rail - 160 t | TJ60GⅢ

With a maximum lifting capacity of 160 tons, this product features an application span of less...

gantry crane / rail - 160 t | TJ160G

Maximum lifting capacity(Name of product parameters) t(unit) 160

gantry crane / hydraulic - 900 t | TT900

Presenting the TT900 (wheel type beam hoister) a one of a kind product. The beam hoister embraces dispersed control technology based on CAN bus that governs the motion of the engine as...

gantry crane / container - max. 40 t | ASC series

The first impressive feature about this device is the automatic stacking and moving of containers, which is one step ahead in the container crane technology. Several devices in...

gantry crane / rail - max. 50 t | RMG series

Konecranes offers tailored performance with the Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes. They are the result of decades of crane design and field performance. The cranes...

gantry crane / rubber-tired - max. 50 t | RTG series

The Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane gives us the ability to be SMARTER WHERE IT...

gantry crane / rubber-tired - max. 50 t | ARTG series

The Konecranes Automated RTG (ARTG) system has been introduced to the container handling industry. It has a unique ability to tolerate rough yard surfaces, having been built around the market-leading 16-wheel...

gantry crane / for ship loading / loading - STS series

With BoxHunter technology and more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture, design and delivery of ship-to-shore container cranes, Konecranes...

gantry crane / hydraulic - max. 1 000 t | SL, SBL series

Enerpac offers two series of hydraulic gantry systems—the cost effective SL series that offers control and stability and the heavy duty SBL series that goes up to 1000 tonne capacity. Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position...

gantry crane - max. 12 000 t

The Sarens group offer a diverse system of gantry depending on the project needs and demands. The tower systems can be combined with strand jacks...

gantry crane / container - 55 t | RMG5501

This port machinery container gantry crane was developed and manufactured by SANY. Either a corner- or shaft-mounted type of driving mechanism layout is available for this crane. Both of these feature dependable and smooth transmission....

gantry crane / for ship loading / loading - 30 - 80 t | SANY QUAYSIDE

Featuring good overall performance and multiple core technologies, the SANY STS Crane offers excellent outreach capacity as well as superior lifting capabilities. This stable, reliable crane has a traveling mechanism that allows...

gantry crane - max. 400 t

The shipyard gantry crane is manufactured by HLCM and is commonly used for the turning and connection...

gantry crane - QLM30

This shipyard gantry crane comes with various advantages, including high-efficiency, a large span and a heavy-duty construction, as well as large...

gantry crane - QLME80

The shipyard gantry crane is manufactured by HLCM and is commonly used for the turning and connection...

gantry crane - max. 40 t

ASCOM Handling Equipment Specialist has designed overhead and gantry cranes. Rained gantry cranes and single and double beam overhead cranes are frequently used in the industry. A single...

gantry crane - max. 40 t

Self-propelled trailers from Ascom are designed for use in fabrication yards for handling beams, pipes, hollow core, walls, pillars, granite and marble blocks. It can also be employed in steel mills for handling plates, slabs...

gantry crane - max. 40 t

ASCOM S.p.A, a market leader for upwards of three decades, designs and delivers sophisticated and specifically-engineered lifting machines to meet the needs of applications such as roadways, railways, yards, production units and transfer services. ASCOM lifting equipment is custom-engineered as per individual user specifications and provides load-bearing abilities in the range of...

gantry crane - max. 40 t

This rubber tired gantry crane is specially designed for special applications. Each gantry crane is capable of carrying...

gantry crane - max. 40 t

Eend technology's Nautical is made to lift and move crafts in their safe conditions. It can be used to launch boats, from sailing boats to the yacht, that can are located...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop - 10 - 100 t

This is a mobile workshop gantry crane by Seaqx NV which features its...

gantry crane / hollow-section / workshop - 500 - 2000 kg, 2 - 5 m, 2 - 3.5 m | PORTC

COMEGYSTEME hollow-section workshop gantry cranes allow the installation of an electric or manual hoist. Its mechanically welded...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop / aluminum - 250 - 2000 kg, 2 - 6 m, 1.55 - 3 m | PADC

With a light construction, bolted joints and an easy assembly that comes with eight bolts between the leg and beam, this item is easy to operate and can be used with various applications. The assembly...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop - 500 - 5000 kg, 2.5 - 5 m, 3 - 5 m | PORT

The PORT is a workshop gantry crane engineered by Comege. It is mounted on rotating wheels, suitable for indoor use.

The crane features a welded construction...

gantry crane / workshop - max. 1 500 kg | PKA series

The Rema PKA series is an array of adjustable workshop gantry cranes that can be assembled and...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop / aluminum - max. 1 000 kg | PKAV series

The PKAV movable portal crane requires a very short assembly time, and can be disassembled in a matter of...

gantry crane / for prefabrication sites - max. 40 t | LM40

The Tracta Load-Master 40 ton, also know as the LM 40, is the ideal unit to use to lift empty containers from lorries. These containers are then set down in the packaging and loading hall,...

gantry crane / for prefabrication sites - LM 35

Tracta presents industrial hoists.

A leading wind turbine parts manufacturer from Germany has been using the hoists in its yard. They are used for all heavy-duty...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop - 250 - 5 000 kg | VGI series

With this line of VERLINDE independent manual gantries, maintenance services, assembly teams and...

gantry crane / hollow-section / workshop - 500 - 2 000 kg | VGPS series

The VGPS Series VERLINDE gantry is specifically designed for industrial purposes. It is mainly utilized...

gantry crane / mobile / workshop / aluminum - 250 - 2 000 kg | VGPA series

VERLINDE's GANTRIES VGPA is designed to receive all types of hoisting device. It is a robust EUROSYSTEM range of aluminium hollow profile gantries for...

gantry crane / workshop - 125 - 1 600 kg | CS-PK1

The fixed portal crane PK1 is suitable for lifting and transporting loads varying from from 125 kg to 1,600 kg. This would be done in a linear way within a warehouse or...

gantry crane / workshop - 125 - 5 000 kg | CS-EP

Type of application:
Compared to the portal crane system PK1 the CS-EP system can be extended
to any length. Thus it is possible to serve several work stations or
machine tools in a row.
For load capacities...

gantry crane / double girder / workshop - 125 - 5 000 kg | CS-PK3

Carl Stahl CS-PK5 crane system has been built for area-covering transport in confined factory floors. The crane bridge is suspended under the portal supports. This leads to a minimised side approach of the trolley. This crane can also...

double girder crane / gantry / workshop - 500 - 2 000 kg | CS-PK5

Type of application:
This crane system has been developed for area-covering transport in enclosed
factory floors.
Special features:
Maximised hook path due to crane bridge running on top of the rail
The system can be extended to any length
Scope of delivery:

double girder crane / gantry / workshop - 500 - 6 300 kg | CS-PK6

The Carl Stahl portal crane system is designed to be used in area-covering transport in enclosed factory floors. The PK6 provides an easy connection between unlimited workstations. When crane...

gantry crane - max. 100 t, max. 30 m

This is a grantry crane manufactured by ADC which is designed to be used...

gantry crane / rail - RGC 52t - 4

The RGC 52t-4 is manufactured by Cimolai Technology,...

gantry crane / rail - RGC 80t - 7

Capacity: 80 ton

Per la realizzazione di grandi infrastrutture ed opere civili e nell’ambito dei cantieri di prefabbricazione, Cimolai Technology è in grado di progettare e fornire, chiavi in mano, le seguenti attrezzature:
Carrelloni gommati per la movimentazione ed il trasporto...

gantry crane / rail - RGC 40t - 3

The Rail Gantry Crane is used by manufacturers of huge facilities, civil works and for precast yards. They are made for the handling and transportation of reinforced concrete and precast component elements. The shaft cranes provide...

gantry crane / rail - RGC 340t - 16

The RGC 340t-16 is manufactured by Cimolai Technology, and is a rail-mounted gantry...


How to choose this product


A gantry crane is a crane which uses a hoist to move heavy objects. The hoist is frequently attached to a rail or multiple rails allowing the user to move the object horizontally. The gantry cranes are mounted on rails or rubber tyres. They also exist in semi-portal meaning that one side is fixed onto a wall or immovable support while the other is mounted on rails or wheels. Often used in heavy industries these cranes can also be adapted to workshops to transport lighter loads.


Gantry crane are particularly suited to lifting very heavy objects and have been used in dry docks for shipbuilding. The crane straddles the object (often ship engines) to place them for the construction of the ship. Lighter versions of these cranes are also used in workshops.


The gantry cranes are mounted on rails to allow movement in a linear direction or can be mounted on rubber tyres which allows the crane to be more versatile. For the semi-portal one side of the crane is fixed on a rail on a wall while the other side is mounted on rails or wheels parallel to the wall.

How to choose

The application and the size of the object to be transported will dictate the choice of gantry crane to be used.

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