gas leak detector / tracer gas
gas leak detector

Le principe de fonctionnement du Gasena 5 consiste à introduire un gaz traceur dans une canalisation puis détecter sa (ou ses) résurgence(s) au niveau du sol avec un appareil spécifique. Ce gaz est communément composé de 4 % d’hydrogène ...

refrigerant gas leak detector / electronic / portable
refrigerant gas leak detector

Cod. 01.000.20 TIF RX-1A (original) LED electronic leak detector for all refrigerants Cod. 01.000.100 LED electronic leak detector for all refrigerants Cod. 01.000.169 Refrigerant ...

refrigerant gas leak detector / flammable gas / methane / LPG
refrigerant gas leak detector
Gas Sense GS-500.L

Portable Gas Detectors GS-500.L detect and locate leaks of methane, LPG, hydrogen and other combustible gases. The concentration of the gas was measured ...

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Invest Electronics Ltd
gas leak detector / sniffing / portable / with visual alarm
gas leak detector
071553 260

This leak detector is highly efficient at detecting and indicating the leakage of gas. The device is available with a 5 step LED for reading out the output. Height of the device is 25 ...

gas leak detector / pressure / for industry
gas leak detector
PD 75

... inboard seal, and the support systems of the seal detects API Plans 65 and 75 liquid leakage or API Plan 76 gas leakage, or a combination of gas and liquid leakage (API Plan 75). It utilizes a PD 75 ...

gas leak detector / sniffing / portable / with digital display
gas leak detector
GasCheck G3

... that users can normally perform with this item include detection of leaks from gas chromatographs and gas installations. There are also some medical applications, such as gas ...

gas leak detector / liquid
gas leak detector

The Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector Real Cool from Swagelok exhibits a non-flammable, corrosion-resistant chemical composition. It also sports an operating temperature range that varies from -65 to 200 degrees ...

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gas leak detector / with digital display
gas leak detector
Liebert Liqui-tect

The Liebert Liqui-tect two-channel leak detection utilizes two separate channels for monitoring two different areas at the control unit location. These channels can individually oversee Liebert LT500Y leak ...

combustible gas leak detector / toxic gas / infrared / compact
combustible gas leak detector

... controller (optional) . Universal transmitter; Intelligent sensors applicable for five detection principles, hundreds kinds of gas and different detection range---compatible and interchangeable; . Hot swap sensor, ...

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HKY Technology CO.,ltd.
LPG leak detector / methane / gas / sniffing
LPG leak detector
IMR 50

... digital leak detector with external flexible probe, suitable to check hard to reach places. The leak detector different installations, pipelines and devices can be checked ...

hydrogen leak detector / acoustic / with visual alarm / with audible signal
hydrogen leak detector

... air conditioning technology. Made in Germany! Reliable hydrogen leak detector with unique dual sensor technology. Very low cross-sensitivity to other gases. Step-by-step convergence on ...

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VULKAN LOKRING Rohrverbindungen GmbH & CO. KG
gas leak detector / thermal / portable / with digital display
gas leak detector

Features + Benefits Allows you to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient Thermal Leak Detector - Helps identify issues with the insulation of your home Light indicator shines ...

methane leak detector / infrared / with digital display
methane leak detector

The Nova 339 Methane Leak Detector has been designed for measuring the percent methane, natural gas or propane gas in air. A sensitive but rugged infrared detector ...

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Nova Analytical Systems
combustible gas leak detector
combustible gas leak detector
MTP GD-3300

Highly sensitive and reliable With the 16" detector, it's easy to measure hard to reach areas Pinpoints small leaks: detects all combustible gas leaks, even tiny leaks Easy ...

gas leak detector / with digital display
gas leak detector

The Buckleys WR10 - Wet Roof Leak Detector has been designed specifically to locate the source of leaks in roofs under wet conditions. The roof must be constructed with non-conductive ...

steam leak detector / portable
steam leak detector

... with Bitherm. Under this arrangement Leak Tector is available LeakTector is a portable gas or steam leak detector, designed for periodical survey of steam traps and ...

refrigerant gas leak detector / sniffing / with semiconductor sensor / portable
refrigerant gas leak detector

CENTER 380 - Refrigerant Leakage Detector CENTER 380 Refrigerant Leakage Detector is the perfect tool for maintaining the air-condition or a cooling system with compressor ...

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gas leak detector / ultrasonic / portable
gas leak detector

... Functions • Pressurized air leaks (HGV pressurized air, braking and suspension systems), leaks in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems, leaks in steam ...

compressed air leak detector / ultrasonic / portable / for packaging
compressed air leak detector

... image. Solution Reduce your cost by using the new HT-1 from KOMET which offers systematic leak detection for your vacuum system. Functionality When air is flowing through the pipes and reaches ...