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Grinding machines
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circular saw blade grinding machine - ø 77 - 350 mm | AT-502

Suitable for grinding various of circular blade.

Main shaft by A.C motor 1/4 HP control
Blade surface...

circular saw blade grinding machine - ø 77 - 350 mm | AT-502

The CNC Flat-plate grinding machine is manufactured by GERARDI S.p.a....

belt grinding machine - 2FS72

Kalamazoo's 2FS72 is a 2 in. belt grinder that is good in creating a knife....

belt grinding machine - BG260HS

The BG260HS is a belt grinding machine that is constructed with a belt measuring 2'' x 600 and has...

belt grinding machine - BG272

The BG272 Series of Belt Grinding Machine, manufactured by Kalamazoo Industries, has open area design provided...

belt grinding machine - S272

This sander is a multi purpose vice that you can use for contouring, shaping, grinding and flat work, along with various other applications. The platen can rotate an impressive 360 degrees, for various...

broadband grinding machine / for metal - KS390 / KS490

The KS series is a line of belt grinders manufactured by Kalamazoo. It comes in two models with...

flat grinding machine - HP 9

This HP surface grinding machine by Braun is type 6 and has a maximum temperature of 212 F /100 C. It’s designed to remove the need for scaling in order to keep the material surface...

flat grinding machine / CNC / for rotary table / with rotary table - max. ø 6200 mm | Berthiez RVU

The RVU is a grinding machine engineered by Starrag. It designed for use in high precision grinding applications in bearing and aerospace.


flat grinding machine / manual - max. ø 305 mm | HGS-52A

Saddle type precision grinding machine

* HGS - 65A, 63A, 52A

flat grinding machine / manual - max. ø 510 mm | HGS-85A

Saddle type precision grinding machine

* HGS - 126A, 105A, 85A

flat grinding machine / manual - max. ø 205 mm | HGS-46B

Forming type precision grinding machine

* HGS - 515A, 52A, 46A

flat grinding machine / manual - max. ø 180 mm | HGS-515

Forming type precision grinding machine

* HGS - 515XA, 515

flat grinding machine / column type - max. ø 510 mm | HGS-167B

Column type precision grinding machine

* HGS - 167B, 136B

centerless grinding machine - KCG series

KCG - 200J
Easy small sized slot due to adhesion of micron-unit trace slot equipment
Increased abrasion resistance due to movement methods...

flat grinding machine / manual - 618, 818 series

Standard Features

High Precision Cartridge Spindle High precision cartridge type spindle is supported by 2 preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings & one NN type roller bearing and driven by V3 class motor that allows highly accurate grinding performance. (CSG-618/818 series driven by 2HP motor).
Anti-wear Guide Ways The saddle rests on precision hand-scraped double V...

flat grinding machine / hydraulic - 10, 12, 16 series

Standard Features

Column Wide, deep base & honeycomb ribbing are especially suitable for heavy duty grinding.
Construction Table, saddle and base are cast from high grade iron, strongly ribbed.
Spindle Large diameter spindle is supported by four preloaded precision angular contact ball...

flat grinding machine / automatic - ASDII series

Standard Features

Vertical feed powered by dual motors, AC motor for rapid up / down and stepping motor for micro downfeed positioning, slow auto downfeed and slow up / down
Cross transverse travel powered by DC servo motor, allows step feed and continuous infeed grinding I Wide,...

flat grinding machine / automatic - ASDlll series

Standard Features

On ASDlll models, you can set the vertical zero point, start point, finish grinding volume, target point and the grinding wheel rise-up point.
The machine features a simple and clear digital display & touch control panel for easy learning and operation
Vertical feed powered by dual motors, AC motor for rapid up / down and stepping motor for micro downfeed...

flat grinding machine / bridge type / high-capacity - max. 24

Large Capacity Precision ASDIII Automatic Surface Grinders

Standard Features…
* Large capacity up to 32" x 120" (810 x 3050mm) Table
* Enlarged extra strong ribbed column, ideal for heavy-duty grinding
* Table, saddle and base are constructed...

flat grinding machine / precision - HGS-52A

HGS - 65A, 63A, 52A
Table work area: 650x300mm

flat grinding machine / precision - HGS-85A

Saddle type precision grinding machine

HGS - 126A, 105A, 85A

flat grinding machine / automatic - HGS-46B

HGS - 515A, 52A, 46A
Table work area: 500x150mm

flat grinding machine / automatic - HGS-515

Forming type precision grinding machine

HGS - 515XA, 515

flat grinding machine / column type - HGS-167B

HGS - 167B, 136B
Table work area: 1650x700mm

flat grinding machine / column type - HGS-167B

The "Tube Polisher" is an exterior polishing tool for polishing the outer surface...

CNC grinding machine / gear - max. ø 240 mm | ZE15B, ZE24A

Gear grinding machine for volume production ZE15B
Updated Components Further Reduce Cycle Times

Shorter down times

CNC grinding machine / gear - max. ø 600 mm | ZE40A

Capable of Grinding a Wide Variety of Workpiece in Generating and Form Grinding Methods

Both generation grinding and profile grinding are available.
(Grinding wheel is dressed to any desired shape as mounted...

CNC grinding machine / gear - max. ø 200 mm | ZI20A

Grinds Ring Gears After Heat Treatment to JIS Class N4 Quality

Generation grinding is performed utilizing high-speed, high-accuracy, synchronous rotation of the wheel/work spindles.
The barrel-shaped, multi-threaded...

CNC grinding machine / gear - max. ø 2000 mm | ZGA series

Efficient Precision Grinding

A direct drive system powered by a built-in motor is employed for the dresser. High-precision dressing finish is possible thanks to high degree of vibration suppression.
The turning table employs motor direct drive (DD) system, hydrostatic bearings, and...

cylindrical grinding machine / CNC - P series

Even Novice Operators Can Easily Program and Operate

Optimized conditions are automatically set with the same degree of expertise as experienced operator. Adaptation control is utilized for the automatic measurement device, realizing automatic setups for speed switching points...

flat grinding machine / double-column - 4000 rpm | KMC-SR series

Cooled oil continuously flows through the center of the ballscrew. The temperature...

flat grinding machine - ø 125 mm, max. 5 200 rpm | FSM 260

Why work with an expensive, large grinding machine when you can use a small, less expensive one? Simply insert pieces in the vice and tighten it or place them on...

EDM grinding machine - SEG 1500

The SETCO™ Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) System is a portable electronic discharge machining system that precisely removes metal stock using AC current. The SEG process utilizes EDM technology to arc-grind a profile on metal parts.

For over 20 years the SEG system has been used to machine...

flat grinding machine / CNC - max. 40 m/min | D series

A further branch of Granlund is the world-leading manufacture and service of special...

CNC grinding machine / horizontal / double-sided - max. ø 60 mm | ZS 2000

Our brand new designed CNC-controlled Centre-Grinding-Machine manufactured as a horizontal and double-sided model is especially developed for mass production. A connection...

spring-end grinding machine - max. ø 2 - 12 mm | G6 series

Maximum output due to an increased motor power and new ventilation concept
Robust machine body, free-of-clearance drives...

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