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capsule filter / high-pressure - 0.03 - 0.2 µm | Kleen-Change®

The Kleen-Change assembly is a completely disposable filter unit, consisting of an all fluoropolymer UltiKleen™ filter.


hydraulic filter / high-pressure - UH series

The UP209 Series Filters features Patented Ultipleat (laid-over pleat) filter medium pack,...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - UP319 series

UP319 Series Filters features Patented Ultipleat (laid-over pleat) filter medium pack, coreless,...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - min. 100 bar

Eaton’s high pressure filters are suitable for a working pressure higher than 1450 PSI (100...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 6 000 psi | 18P/28P/38P series

The revolutionary pressure filters designed by Parker Filtration’s Hydraulic Filter Division have been satisfying the demands of global industrial and mobile markets. Keeping in sync with the global standards, this series...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / duplex - 3 000 psi | 15P/30P series

Parker pressure filters are designed to provide modern high pressure hydraulic systems with better controls and extended component...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / in-line - 7 000 psi | WPF series

The World Pressure Filter (WPF) by Parker is a design alternative to conventional high pressure and reverse flow filters. It incorporates...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 5 000 psi | 50P/50PR series

These Parker filters are designed to achieve a sensible performance-cost balance, and so far the manufacturer has done an excellent job in this...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 6 000 psi | 100P series

100P series filter assembly sustain pressures of up to 6000psi. The maximum flow...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 1000 L/min | 100P series

The Parker 100P Series is ready to handle the need for high pressure filters that have up to 1,000l/min at 414bar working...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 207 bar, 20 µ | 15P/30P series

The Parker Filtration 15P/30P Series High Pressure Filters.

These application examples have one thing in common...the need for clean hydraulic fluid. Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are demanding. Better controls...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - max. 20 µ | 18/28/38P series

The 18/28/38P series was designed by Parker Filtration to meet the demand of the mobile and industrial market for a high pressure filter. Its features include ISO 6149 ports and metric mounting. It...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / duplex - 210 bar, 2 - 5 µ | 22PD/32PD series

The revolutionary Parker Filtration 22PD/32PD Series High Pressure Duplex Filters is particularly...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / in-line - 420 bar, 20 µ | 70/70 ECO series

The 70/70 Eco Series are top quality filters that are capable of handling high pressures. They...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 387.9 - 4 139.5 cfm, 580 psi | HDDP, HQD series

Atlas Copco’s HDDP and HQD air filters are designed to be installed downstream of an oil-free air compressor...

hydraulic filter / stainless steel / high-pressure / in-line - max. 100 l/min, max. 1 000 bar | ACSSF

The stainless steel high pressure filter is made to withstand various operational...

hydraulic filter / stainless steel / high-pressure / in-line - max. 400 bar | EDF

HYDAC pressure filters are made of stainless steel and are engineered for use in chemical industry as well as process technology. These inline filters come in...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - max. 450 bar | Pi series

These state of the art pressure filters by MAHLE are specially built to operate as full flow or partial flow filters and is compatible with low pressure range...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / duplex - 315 - 350 bar | Pi 4700 series

The Duplex Filter Pi 4700 is a superior performance filter for advanced hydraulic...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / in-line - max. 350 l/min, max. 500 bar | HD 417

· Bi-directional flow
· In-line mounting
· Operating pressure up to 500 bar (7250 psi)
· Nominal flow rate up to 350 l/min (92.5 gpm)

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - max. 300 l/min, max. 500 bar | HD 314

The HD 314 is a high pressure filter that is flangeable. It is capable of handling an operating pressure of as much as 500 bar. Its nominal flow rate is stated...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - max. 75 l/min, max. 500 bar | HD 044

· Flangeable
· Operating pressure up to 500 bar (7250 psi)
· Nominal flow rate up to 75 l/min (19.8 gpm)
In the...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / in-line - max. 750 l/min, max. 630 bar | HD 790

High Pressure Filters – Worldline 400 is one of the filters released from Argo Hytos providing the highest level of contamination control as demanded by the industrial...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure / in-line - max. 330 l/min, max. 630 bar| HD 319

· In-line mounting
· Operating pressure up to 630 bar (9137 psi)
· Nominal flow rate up to 330 l/min (87.2 gpm)

air-driven filter / high-pressure - max. 900 psig | FHP series

With FHP Series High Pressure Filters, removal of water droplets, solid particles, liquid oil and oil vapors within your compressed air system will be easy and simple....

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - max. 55 bar | P series

Donaldson bulk fuel and lube high-pressure filters are often used in systems...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 30 - 720 m³/h, 7 bar | HD

These HD high pressure filter housings are built for the distillation of compressed air and gas...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 6090 psi | FPK02 series

Donaldson has designed a filter that addresses the need to protect critical hydraulic components such as cylinders, motors, and valves....

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 6000 psi | HPK04 series

Donaldson heavy-duty high-pressure filters sit behind pumps and other prime movers to protect critical...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - 3000 psi | HPK03 series

Donaldson heavy-duty high-pressure filters sit behind pumps and other prime movers to protect critical...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 1.75 - 14.2 m³/min, 48 - 62 bar | FB, FG (HP) series

These remarkable filters are available for installation at the booster outlet for special...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 1.75 - 14.2 m³/min, 48 - 62 bar | FB, FG (HP) series

The Liquid Carbon Dioxide Filter series from Hilliard is a set of simplex and duplex units that...

coolant liquid filter / high-pressure / high-efficiency - 5 - 15 µm | EGS series

The EGS series is a line of emulsion filtration systems. The series includes four models: EGS 200, EGS 400, EGS 800, and EGS 1000. All of the models have a nominal filtration degree of 5 ÷ 15...

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - SF series

The STAUFF High Pressure Filter is made to suit in-line lubrication and hydraulic operations....

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - SF-SM

The SF-SM type of high pressure filters are built especially for application in hydraulic and lubrication systems....

hydraulic filter / high-pressure - SF-TM

The STAUFF high pressure filters of the SF-TM series feature a maximum operating pressure of 315 bar / 4,560 PSI, and...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - max. 500 bar

Beko manufactures high pressuer filters which have the capacity to filter fluids with pressures ranging from 50 bar up to 500 bar. The filter casings...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 108 - 13 500 m³/h | F 0004 - F 0450

F0004-F0450 are high pressure filters manufactured by OMI. It is utilized as a post-filter for absorption dryers.

The filter operates with an ambient temperature of 25°C, and an...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 450 - 5 100 Nm³/h, 50 bar | HF series

Omega Air High Pressure FIlters or HF are used are used for commercial applications that works with...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 30 - 720 Nm³/h, 64 bar | AHP series

The AHP series provides an array of aluminum high pressure filters that generate a working pressure capacity of 64 bar and a volume flow rate that ranges...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 40 - 715 Nm³/h, 100 - 400 bar | CHP series

Carbon steel high pressure filters CHP are used for industrial high pressure applications up to 400 bar (5800 psi).

Extremely strong construction is made...

air-driven filter / high-pressure - 450 - 7 200 Nm³/h, 50 bar | HPF series

High pressure process filters HPF are intended for great pressure requisitions in process industry, wherein the harm for deterioration...

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