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HMI is the abbreviation for human-machine interface. It allows an operator to control a machine or an installation.


These systems are common in all types of industrial manufacturing and production, in aeronautics and in medicine for the control of radiological equipment.


The HMI takes the form of a touchscreen or a control box with buttons and a display. The screen usually affords a wide viewing angle and great brightness for use in full sunlight. There are four-wire resistive models and capacitive projection versions, some with tactile feedback. Certain screens can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Graphic and alphanumeric displays have LEDs and buttons with programmable functions, often under a protective layer. Some models can be mounted on a DIN rail. Others feature a computer-type screen and keyboard, and have encoders and potentiometers with slide controls. Most have an IP65 rating and are reinforced to withstand vibrations and impact.

The HMI has USB or serial RS485 ports, or communications interfaces such as Ethernet, CANopen, DeviceNet, ProfiNet or Profibus. MMC or Flash card slots can be used to increase onboard memory.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the unit's resolution, contrast and brightness, screen viewing angle, the selection of buttons and other control devices, and the available ports or interfaces.

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4 products Fike
Fike SpyderPanel
Touch screen terminal SpyderPanel Fike

SpyderPanel is a simple, touch-screen panel designed to provide security personnel...

Fike Cheetah Xi®
Fire alarm control panel Cheetah Xi® Fike

T’s only a few seconds, right? Yet in a fire situation, that can be an eternity. When it comes to potential fire and smoke damage to your critical assets, you deserve the best information and the fastest...

Fike 120 - 240 V | SHP-PRO
Fire alarm control panel 120 - 240 V | SHP-PRO Fike

SHP-PRO is THE reliable, conventional fire suppression system for smaller applications. Unmatched in the industry for sheer versatility and ease of installation, this single-hazard control system boasts...

Fire alarm control panel Fike

A voice evacuation life safety system is often a more effective, faster and safer means of evacuating and/or messaging occupants in an emergency. Fike’s Integrated...

Graphical terminal SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH

• Monitor with push button to HMI • The...

Graphical terminal with keypad SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH

• 12 "TFT Rack Monitor with 41 short-stroke • built-in...

1 products AEC S.r.l.
Avalue Technology Inc. 15
Terminal for medical applications 15", Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz | MTP-1503 Avalue Technology Inc.

Onboard Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz CPU Intel® 945GSE/ ICH7-M Chipset...

Accu-Scale & System Inc OPLC™ series
PLC with graphic and integrated keypad OPLC™ series Accu-Scale & System Inc

Our OPLC™ controller series combine Operating Panels & Programmable Logic Controllers into a single unified device, easy to program and easy to operate. The OPLC™...

Accu-Scale & System Inc M90 - M91 series
PLC with integrated textbased M90 - M91 series Accu-Scale & System Inc

The M90/M91OPLC™ is an innovative micro-PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a built-in operating panel that contains an LCD display...

Accu-Scale & System Inc Vision series
PLC with integrated touch screen Vision series Accu-Scale & System Inc

The Vision Series is an innovative series of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) with built-in graphical operating panel or touch-panel, on-board or snap-in...

Janitza Electronics
Touch screen terminal Janitza Electronics

For user-friendly visualisation of measurement parameters without PC directly at site, touch panels are a perfect solution. The simple installation, which is almost enabled with plug & play, guarantees...

SIEMENS Building Technologies FC721
Fire alarm control panel FC721 SIEMENS Building Technologies

The FC721.. is a compact fire control panel with integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus® PRO devices of up to 126 addresses. The fire control panel may be used as a stand-alone...

SIEMENS Building Technologies FC722
Fire alarm control panel FC722 SIEMENS Building Technologies

The FC722.. (2-loop, expandable to 4) is a compact fire control panel with an integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus PRO devices of up to 252 addresses. The fire control panel...

video SIEMENS Building Technologies SINTESO FC2080
Addressable multipurpose fire alarm control panel SINTESO FC2080 SIEMENS Building Technologies

The Sinteso FC2080 rounds out the Siemens Building Technologies Division’s comprehensive portfolio of control panels with a version for very...

4 products RITTAL
RITTAL 600 x 1 600 x 630 mm, IP 55
Stainless steel console enclosure 600 x 1 600 x 630 mm, IP 55 RITTAL

Console systems/PC enclosure systems Stainless steel one-piece consoles 1.4301, (AISI 304),...

RITTAL TP series
Console enclosure TP series RITTAL

This console systems TP is in variants. The components of the TopConsole system can easily be combined with many user-specific variants, universal consoles TP offer a high amount of protection...

RITTAL Rittal Stand System
Pedestal operator interface enclosure Rittal Stand System RITTAL

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Rittal-System Stand systems are ingenious...

Stainless steel command console enclosure with support arm AISI 304 RITTAL

This is a Command Panel and Support Arms System in stainless steel. The premium panel for this system is made from stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), which makes...

1 products Bono Energia
Bono Energia BONO Optispark
Controller and operator interface for boilers BONO Optispark Bono Energia

BONO Optispark is the industrial boilers management and control automatic system which ensures: safety energy efficiency...

2 products Watlow
Watlow Silver series
Operator terminal with touch screen graphic display Silver series Watlow

The Silver Series is a rugged, touchscreen operator interface terminal (OIT) available in three models (4.3, 7 and 10.2 inch diagonal display sizes). It supports a full set of features including serial...

Operator interface EZ-ZONE® RUI Watlow

This EZ-ZONE® Remote User Interface can function as a communication gateway device which is very affordable...

Explosion-proof operator terminal 6.4 in, ATEX | TERMEX PEPPERL & FUCHS

Introducing a product of innovation the Termex Operator Panels. A great concept finally made possible by the efforts and research of PepperL+Fuchs ingenious scientists....

2 products ADVANTECH
ADVANTECH WebOp series
Human machine interface WebOp series ADVANTECH

Operator Panels To satisfy the stringent standards required in the automation market, especially packaging, label slitting, and motion-based robot dispensing, Advantech offers the Operator Panels which...

Human machine interface ADVANTECH

Automation Panels Advantech’ s touch panel computers are compact & rugged HMI platforms for seamless interaction between humans and machines. The ultra-slim, light, fanless and vibration-resistant...

2 products Kontron
Human machine interface Kontron

Kontron is well known for the products of great quality they manufacture. Such as HMIs & Displays which offers a wide range of processor capacities...

Kontron Medi Client
Compact human machine interface Medi Client Kontron

Medi Client Kontron’s Medi Client IIA offers medical OEMs a highly reliable platform with flexible mounting options and the longevity required by the medical industry. The touch screen of the medical...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik 7'' - 24''  | Automation Panel 900 Multitouch
Multi-touch screen control panel 7'' - 24'' | Automation Panel 900 Multitouch B&R Industrie-Elektronik

Automation Panel 900 Multitouch Touch panels have been used for many years to provide a way for operators to control systems and machines. Many devices previously operated using buttons and keys have...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik 12.1'' - 19'' | Automation Panel 900 Singletouch
Single-touch control panel 12.1'' - 19'' | Automation Panel 900 Singletouch B&R Industrie-Elektronik

The Automation 900 Panel single-touch panel comes with a modular SDL/DVI receiver. Also available...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik Automation Panel 800
Human machine interface Automation Panel 800 B&R Industrie-Elektronik

Providing flexibility, the complete enclosed Automation Panel 800 unit is mounted...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik 10.4
Human machine interface 10.4" - 19" | Automation Panel 900 B&R Industrie-Elektronik

Presenting a revolutionary new product, The Automation Panel 900 by B&R Is made...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik 3.5
Operator terminal 3.5" - 5.7" | Power Panel 65 B&R Industrie-Elektronik

The PP65 is especially suitable for multi-axis applications that require lots of computing power but only have limited space in the control...

B&R Industrie-Elektronik Power Panel 300/400
Human machine interface Power Panel 300/400 B&R Industrie-Elektronik

The avant garde Power Panel 300/400 is a highly specialized tool with unified control,...

2 products CROUZET
Programmable display terminal MTP6/50, MTP8/50 CROUZET

If users have been searching for a compact and attractive touch panel, this product is the right choice. With its 4.3" TFT-LCD, it flaunts...

Programmable display terminal MTP8/70 CROUZET

7’’TFT-LCD compact resistive touch panels, 65536 colors, LED backlight Graphical resolution : 800 x 480 pixels Wide viewing angle : 70° horizontally...

2 products OMEGA
Human machine interface OMEGA

The True Analogue Touchscreen is an easy to view touchscreen and is compatible with a Wide Range of PLC Protocols with...

Compact PLC with integrated OCS XL Series OMEGA

The impeccable OCSXL Series - Programmable Logic Controller and Operater Interface provides quality...

2 products SCHMERSAL
SCHMERSAL BDF 100 series
Control panel BDF 100 series SCHMERSAL

This Thermoplastic enclosure is a slender shock-proof enclosure which can be installed at an ergonomic...

1 products STAHL
STAHL 8125 series
Explosion-proof control panel 8125 series STAHL

When it comes to the series 8146 of control stations, regulation devices, display and control must be assembled in a a clear layout. Also, the...

Pfeiffer Vacuum 20 m³/h or 40 m³/h | ASM 192 T
Console type helium leak detector 20 m³/h or 40 m³/h | ASM 192 T Pfeiffer Vacuum

Console leak detector with 1 or 2 rotary vane pumps offering 20 m³/h or 40 m³/h backing capacity - Ideal for industrial applications - Robust...

new Beckhoff Automation 7
Multi-touch screen control panel 7" - 24", IP20 | CP66xx series Beckhoff Automation

Aluminium housing with glass front, front side IP 65, rear side IP 20 multi-finger touch screen multi-finger touch screen driver for Windows 7 single-finger touch screen driver...

Beckhoff Automation 5.7
Control panel 5.7" - 15", IP20 | CP66xx series Beckhoff Automation

CP66xx “Economy” built-in Control Panel Features TFT display in four sizes – 5.7-inch display 640 x 480 – 6.5-inch display...

Beckhoff Automation 6.5
Control panel 6.5" - 19", IP65, IP20 | CP68xx series Beckhoff Automation

The CP68xx | Built-in Control Panel with DVI/USB interface Beckhoff. It is built to withstand even the most demanding of application or the harshest...

Beckhoff Automation 5.7
Control panel 5.7" - 24", IP20 | CP69xx series Beckhoff Automation

CP69xx “Economy” built-in Control Panel Features TFT display in six sizes – 5.7-inch display 640 x 480 – 6.5-inch display 640 x 480 – 12-inch display...

Beckhoff Automation 6.5
Control panel 6.5" - 15", IP65 | CP70xx series Beckhoff Automation

CP70xx Control Panel Features TFT display in three sizes – 6.5-inch display 640 x 480 – 12-inch display 800 x 600 – 15-inch display 1024 x 768 aluminium...

Beckhoff Automation 6.5
Control panel 6.5" - 19", IP65 | CP78xx series Beckhoff Automation

CP78xx Control Panel Features TFT display in four sizes – 6.5-inch display 640 x 480 – 12-inch display 800 x 600 – 15-inch display 1024...

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