flame detector / infrared / ultraviolet light
flame detector
-50 to +75 °C | Smart series

FIREGUARD ultra-violet (UV), infrared (IR) flame detector delivers protection you can trust—the protection you need! The detector reacts to both the UV and IR radiation found ...

flame detector / infrared / ultraviolet light
flame detector
VS-200PA / VS-200PB

FIREGUARD Flame Detector The “smoke or heat” detections are“ too late” solutions in ordinary fires to prevent the hazardous fire accidents. This “sensing an initial small flame immediately” flame detector ...

motion detector / infrared / multibeam
motion detector
50 - 100 - 200 m | UNIRIS II / BIRIS II

» High protection indice : IP65 » Modularity thanks to the kit UNIRIS II/BIRIS II products range is a concentrate of SORHEA know-how. Efficiency and modularity are key points of these small size barriers. The detection reliability ...

motion detector / infrared
motion detector

The IP55-certified reflex motion detector machine from DELTA comes with a very attractive design. The plug-in terminals in the base of the installation simplify it and make it fast and easy. The motion detector ...

brightness detector / presence / IR
brightness detector
UP 258D

Presence detector Passive infrared detector for ceiling mounting indoors Optional blinding of parts of the detection area Mixed light measurement Power supply over the bus line Integrated ...

brightness detector / IR / integrated
brightness detector
UP 255D21

... depth or in a housing for surface-mounting (to be ordered separately) Programming button reachable from front Integrated IR decoder for S 255/11

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