Infrared detectors

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PLT 24 is a passive infrared detector for monitoring occupancy through body heat and movements by people. Mounting bracket...


FIREGUARD ultra-violet (UV), infrared (IR) flame detector delivers protection you can
trust—the protection you need! The detector reacts to both the UV and IR radiation
found in most fires, delivering accurate and reliable fire monitoring....

FIREGUARD Flame Detector
The “smoke or heat” detections are“ too late” solutions in ordinary...


Infra-red pellistor replacement flammable gas detector

IREX is a sinter-free, fully featured infrared gas detector that produces an mV Wheatstone Bridge output as used on conventional pellistor based systems.

IREX replaces old pellistor heads by simply mounting on the original junction box and connecting to the original cable. The IREX concept enables upgrade to dual-wavelength...

Open-path line of sight gas IR detectors

Crowcon offers open-path infra-red (IR) gas detection systems based on well-proven technology for fast detection of combustible gases and vapours over a line-of-sight up to 200m long.

Using superior "Xenon Flash" technology the SafEye range is immune to false alarms caused...

Infrared flammable gas detector

Nimbus is a Flameproof (Exd) infra-red flammable gas detector, which provides a cost effective solution for the protection of plant and personnel. It complies with standards world-wide and and is built to last in all manner...


» High protection indice : IP65
» Modularity thanks to the kit


» Dual technology
» No dead zone at the foot of the detector

KAPIRIS is designed to protect sensitive...


The professional choice in outdoor protection, our Quad beam detectors synchronise 16 beam paths for maximum stability in severe weather conditions,...

Dual-Zone system reduces false alarms for reliable outdoor detection.


Dual-Zone sensor head can resist detection of small animals
Ultra-Low Current...

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, The MS-100E offers the choice of Wide Angle, Horizontal Curtain, Vertical Curtain and Long Range detection up to 20m from within a single discreet housing. 180° Rotatable optics...

The smart design of the PA-15/30 series helps it to blend seamlessly with most indoor...


The IP55-certified reflex motion detector machine from DELTA comes with a very attractive design. The plug-in terminals in the base of the installation simplify it and make it fast and easy. The motion detector...


The Dir photocell from CAME is a safety device that can be installed internally or externally....

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