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The Elesa RMA is a Flat retaining magnet in a Zinc-plated steel framework. This product is offered...

These cylindrical retaining magnets have a red lacquered steel housing which is resistant to temperatures up to 180 °C. The...


These round holding magnets, manufactured by KIPP, are smooth round bar grippers with...

KIPP has developed flat holding magnets (flat gripper) in hard ferrite - series 5048....

The K0550 Flat Gripper is a magnet which has a maximum temperature...

The K0552 model engineered by Kipp, is a round holding magnet that consists of an internal threading. This...


D70 is a magnetic holder that makes it easier to set down tools and store ferrous, small parts. The insert of the holder...


Introducing a magnet machine by Hitachi Construction Machinery which features its powerful magnetic force and a quick release ability...


ENGRENAGES HPC has widened its magnet range which now comprises:
- Ferrite magnetic stud with a central hole
- Ferrite...


Item No. MAG-0273
Coating: NiCuNi
Marking: No
Package: Standard exporting package
1.Radial ring is whole radial oriented ring magnet, it can be magnetized as multi-pole, skewed and uni-pole magnetized.
2.The ring...

Item No. MAG-0272
Property: Plastic Bonded Ferrite
Br>=0.0868T  bHc>=63KA/m
iHc>=216KA/m (BH)max>=1.38KJ/m3

Property:Anisotropic Rubber Ferrite
Br 220-255mT  
bHc 160-183KA/m
iHc 176-214KA/m
(BH)max 10-11.6KJ/m3

Subject: NdFeB segment
Material: NdFeB, N33EH
Magnetic property: Br: 1.14-1.18T, BHc: >=836kA/m
IHc: >=2388kA/m, (BH)max: 251-266kJ/m3

Subject: low weight loss neodymium-iron-boron magnet (NdFeB) for motors
Material: NdFeB N38SH
Size: R37.25 x R33.75 x 29 x 25.1 mm
Coating: NiCuNi
Magnetization: diametrically magnetized

Feature: Because there is Nd-rich phase and iron-base in NdFeB magnet, and it is easy to be...


Easy to install actuator magnet with threaded aluminium housing



Samarium cobalt magnets (SMCO MAGNETS) are one kind of rare earth magnets that are composed of samarium, cobalt and iron etc. There are two compositions for this magnetic material ,one is SmCo5 magnets ,the other is Sm2Co17 magnets. Smco5 magnet is the first generation rare earth magnet , Sm2co17 magnet is second generation rare...

Rare Earth Pot Magnet

Features :
1. Simple structure properly designed with maximized magnetic force, saving cost.

Rare Earth Magnet
Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) and Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) are called Rare Earth because Neodymium and Samarium are found in the rare earth elements on the periodic table. Both Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt alloys are powdered metals which are compacted in the presence of a magnetic field and are then sintered.

Alnico permanent magnets are the oldest magnetic material in the world very famous because of the best working

temperaturecoefficientand high...

Ferrite permanent magnet is very old magnetic material with cheapest price,...


Magnetic scale is made by the special magnetic material that is accurately magnetized in equidistance with N and S polar;
There are some special magnetic materials and special mucilage glue equipped in advance that make it easy to be installed;...

The Flexible Ferrite magnet is a composite material of Ferrite magnet powder and compound rubber. There are two types: Anisotropic & Isotropic.
AIC Rubber Bonded Ferrite Magnets are available in Isotropic Rubber...


The Flexible NdFeB Magnets is a kind of flexible magnets biased on micro-crystalline NdFeB grinded powder and a polymeric matrix. They have high magnetic properties due to magnetic micro-crystalline powder and good flexibility due to elastomer matrix.



The flexible ferrite magnet has more than 30 years history. It is a composite material of ferrite magnet powder and compound rubber. There are two types: anisotropic& isotropic.

Application field
The isotropic flexible ferrite magnets...


The Injection magnets are thermoplastic resin and different kinds of magnetic powdermixed magnetic powder composite materials;
The Injection magnets can be processed into thin-walled ring, rods, slice and various special complex shapes (such as: steps, damping trough, holes, pins, etc.);
The Injection magnets adopt...


The reed switches in sensing environment makes use of magnet for actuation. Sensors features operation in normal mode, normal closed mode and latching mode. In normally open mode when a magnet is brought closer to the Reed Switch (or vice versa), the reed...

A Reed Switch is going to need a permanent magnet or a magnetic field for sure, when there is a need to activate the switch. So it is commonly called a magnetic reed...


NdFeB magnets achieve the highest energy density today. The most used production process is the powder metallurgical procedure.
The saturation magnetic polarization of the ferromagnetic main phase Nd²Fe14B constitutes...

Generally a magnet system is a customer-specific processing of a permanent magnet with other metallic or non-metallic components.
Their realization requires the highest level of experience in the field of adhesive technology,...

intered permanent magnetic material SmCo

SmCo sintered permanent magnet material was developed in the seventies based on the rare earth compositon and the 3D-transition metals.

They can be divided into:

Intermetallic material on SmCo5 base alloy....

AlNiCo magnets are among the oldest permanent magnetic materials still in use today. Main alloying components are Al, Ni, Co and Fe, as well as additives like Cu, Nb and Ti. Depending on the production process the properties of these isotropic...

Plastic bonded NdFeB magnets are produced from quickly set NdFeB powder together and from thermoplastic plastics. The isotropic and quickly set NdFeB powder is produced according to a process developed by the company Magnequench (MQ1). The magnetic properties of this so-formed compound material depend on...


Material, surface finish:
Housing in galvanized steel.
Magnetic core AINiCo.

Magnetic bands solve labelling problems. They stick...


The widespread use of the wireless tags readers/writers in mobile phones also the widely used 13.56MHz...

Technical Requirements
1.Electrical Specifications:


-Produce by powder metallurgical method
-Chemical composition of Ba/Sr O FeO

-Made by consolidating Strontium or Barium ferrite powder with polymer matrix. Form...

Material Information
* Produced by Injection Molding or Hot Pressing with Mixture
of Ferrite/Rare...

Material Information

* Made by consolidating Lead free Strontium ferrite powder with polymer matrix. Form in profiles & strip by extrusion.

* Excellent Flexibility & Machinability...

Material Information

* High power NdFeB flexible magnet sheet, up to 4 times stronger than ordinary rubber magnet


Elevator Motor magnet is our key product. Long-term cooperation had been established between Zhaobao and...

Unique dual-alloy process is developed and applied. The liquid phase of well-controlled auxiliary alloy composition can infiltratethe 2:14:1 phase grain sufficiently. Uniform...

Zhaobao magnet gets a more stable microstructure by adding microelement...

As NdFeB permanent magnets for motor and generator are the main products in Zhaobao,...

NdFeB magnet is widely applied to Machinery, Video and Audio equipments, Communication Devices, Medical Devices, Office...


The Builtrite™ Magnet Rotator is designed to significantly increase your production by allowing the operator to rotate the load, particularly useful when handling longer items like railroad rail, beam, pipe, etc. This...


Plastic magnets without housing
temperature coefficient -0,2%/K

Plastic magnets without housing
temperature coefficient -0,2%/K

Plastic magnets with housing housing: brass
temperature coefficient...

Plastic magnets with housing housing: PA
temperature coefficient...


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A magnet can be a material that naturally develops a magnetic field or an object made from a hard magnetic substance, i.e., with strong remanent fields and coercivity. The manufacturing process activates properties related to the material's inherent magnetic field, such as exerting an attractive force on ferromagnetic materials (iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, etc.).


Magnet applications are numerous. A freely-rotating magnetized shaft naturally points north-and-south, along earth's magnetic field lines. This property is used to make compasses. Magnets are also much-used to make direct current or synchronous motors.

The fact magnetic fields exist in the absence of any electrical current is utilized to make sensors (e.g., proximity sensors). Magnets are also used in NMR and MRI devices used for medial imaging and in other domains. They also are employed to engineer dipolar sources to create microwave plasmas.

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