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AIC Engineering ltd.
Polymerbonded ferrite AIC Engineering ltd.

Summarize Magnetic scale is made by the special magnetic material that is accurately magnetized in equidistance with N and S polar; There are some special magnetic materials and special mucilage glue...

AIC Engineering ltd.
Magnetic rod AIC Engineering ltd.

1. Product Specification Surface cleanliness can meet strict requirements, such as chemical and food industry; Above is the comparison of the existing conventional products, specific products can also...

1 products LOGIMAG
Polymerbonded ferrite LOGIMAG

Material Information * Made by consolidating Lead free Strontium ferrite powder with polymer matrix. Form in profiles & strip by extrusion. * Excellent Flexibility & Machinability...

5 products Rheinmagnet
Rheinmagnet PERMAFLEX® 5014
Polymerbonded ferrite PERMAFLEX® 5014 Rheinmagnet

From semi-anisotropic hard ferrite 5/14p. Surface...

Rheinmagnet PERMAFLEX®424
Polymerbonded ferrite PERMAFLEX®424 Rheinmagnet

Permanent magnetic strips are made from highly coercive magnetic powder (strontium ferrite / NdFeB powder) mixed with 10% plastic polyethylene...

Polymerbonded ferrite BAKKER MAGNETICS

Bakker Magnetics (BM) flexible magnetic material is a thermoplastic permanent magnetic material with a multi magnetic polarisation designed to produce...

Magnetic rod ø 25 mm | FS / VI BAKKER MAGNETICS

Magnetic filter bars can be installed at every required location in systems used to transport solid or liquid product. The filter bars of the FS/VI model are comprised of an extremely powerful Neodymium...

Master Magnetics
Polymerbonded ferrite Master Magnetics

Basic bulk rolls of extruded magnetic strip are uncoated and...

Master Magnetics
AlNiCo rod magnet Master Magnetics

Listed below are various sizes...

2 products IMA
Rubberbonded ferrite IMA

IMA magnetic rubber is produced by a ferrite and rubber extrusion, which provides great flexibility and easy handling....

AlNiCo rod magnet IMA

Alnico Magnets Magnetised Cilindric Bars These type of bars may be supplied...

MSA Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.
Rubberbonded ferrite MSA Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.

Magnetic strip has the same properties with flexible magnetic sheet, but it has many different type and shape depends on...

1 products PROVOST
1 products NORELEM
Polymerbonded ferrite 96460 NORELEM

Note: Magnetic bands solve labelling problems. They...

Essentra Components SR 1870 series
Rubberbonded ferrite SR 1870 series Essentra Components

Perfect for exhibition and display use, our Magnetic...

Polymerbonded ferrite BUNTING MAGNETICS

Bunting® Flexible Magnetic Strips conform to irregular shapes and provide holding power superior to conventional magnets on uneven...

1 products 3M Electronics
3M Electronics
Aluminum adhesive tape for EMI shielding 3M Electronics

If you are looking for a fabric tape or a shielding foil that works well with applications that require grounding, protection of type ESD or EMI shielding,...

2 products HID Global
HID Global Reader 240
Reader with keypad Reader 240 HID Global

HID’s Combination/Transition Readers provide a single reader that simultaneously supports both magnetic stripe and proximity technologies. When a PIN is needed, HID also offers a single reader with keypad...

HID Global Reader 780
Reader with keypad Reader 780 HID Global

This Ruggedized Keypad Card Reader Accepts Your ID Badge For Door Entry Control And More! Most mainstream entry systems use some form of plastic ID card or badge because they are easy to carry and...


1.”√”means it can be manufactured on the condition of the diameters listed in the table.”- ”means...

3 products VITLAB
VITLAB ø 2 - 27 mm
Magnetic stir bar ø 2 - 27 mm VITLAB

With permanent magnet AlNiCo V core. The...

VITLAB ø 5 - 20 mm
Magnetic stir bar ø 5 - 20 mm VITLAB

With permanent magnet AlNiCo V core. Highly suitable...

VITLAB ø 14 - 22 mm
Magnetic stir bar ø 14 - 22 mm VITLAB

With permanent magnet AlNiCo...

Border Precision Ltd
Finger-stock EMI shielding gasket Border Precision Ltd

Border Precisions comprehensive and cost effective in-house designed and manufactured range of metal spring contact fingerstrips...

1 products Selos
Selos 450 °C
AlNiCo rod magnet 450 °C Selos

Magnetized through length L (axially), maximum working temperature +450°C. The holding force of magnet...

1 products PrehKeyTec
PrehKeyTec ML2
Reader ML2 PrehKeyTec

The Stand-Alone Module is a compact device with OCR-Reader and a 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader. The position of the readers allows the...

Sputtering Components, Inc. TRM-Bar™, QRM-Bar™
Magnetic rod TRM-Bar™, QRM-Bar™ Sputtering Components, Inc.

SCI TRM-Bar™ and QRM-Bar™ magnetics give you the flexibility you need. Provided with encapsulated magnets, magnet assemblies are adaptable to fit your process requirements. SCI advanced...

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