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Nuts are used with bolts to assemble parts or provide motion transfer. They are tapped to be mated with a screw, a bolt or any shaft with external threads.


Nuts have two main applications:

- Parts assembly: Assembly nuts take many different many forms.

- Motion transfer: Turning the bolt moves the nut left or right. The nut-bolt system can transfer great force. It is found in vices, bar clamps, screw jacks, car jacks and similar devices. The system converts a rotational movement into a translation movement. Rarely reversible, the opposite conversion is nonetheless possible if the bolt's threads are long enough.


The most common standard nuts include hexagonal nuts, minimum-height, or locknuts (any nut can serve the same purpose, depending on its position), cap nuts, self-locking nuts, square nuts, flanged nuts, wing nuts, castle nuts, et al. Most nuts are screwed on, though weld nuts and clinch nuts also exist.


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Conbraco Industries 1/2 - 4
Hexagonal flanged 1/2 - 4" Conbraco Industries

Designed and built with large surface to distribute load,...

1 products JOYCE
Lead screw and JOYCE

Joyce/Dayton offers Acme 2C and Stub Acme screw and nut assemblies in a variety of screw leads and in diameters ranging from ½ inch up to 6 inches. Bronze nuts and steel flanges are available for...

1 products SERVOMECH

FIT-ONE PFA fitting is designed with simplicity and easy of installation. FIT-ONE...

Huco Engineering Industries DIN 7168, DIN 176
DIN 7168, DIN 176 Huco Engineering Industries

Nuts - Round Supplied in steel, brass and Nylatron Nuts...

2 products EXMAR
EXMAR BO-xxM L/S series
Flare BO-xxM L/S series EXMAR

Material stainless steel 1.4571 Ø 6 to 42 mm nominal pressure up to 630 bar -60°C to +400°C for connection of 37° flared tube ends Functional...


Material stainless steel 1.4571 series L, S Ø 6 to 25 mm nominal pressure up to 500 bar -60°C to +400°C nuts silver-plated...

1 products Romani GmbH
1 products ENEMAC
ENEMAC 60 - 200 kN | ES series
Clamping 60 - 200 kN | ES series ENEMAC

With bottomed thread thread...


Collet DIN 6388, TYPE A -MILLING...

2 products Techniks
Techniks Power Coat series
Collet Power Coat series Techniks

“Power Coat” is an innovative, permanent coating that increases clamping pressure of the nut up to 75% compared...

Techniks TG series
Collet TG series Techniks

TG Standard “Power Coat” Nuts “Power Coat” increase...

1 products Briney
END-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG 1/8
Hexagonal thin 1/8" , PN 10 | FG35 series END-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG

CONNECTION • B.S.P. female thread Rp1/s-Rp4 (DIN 2999) • B.S.P. male thread Außengewinde, RVs- R4 (DIN 2999) PRESSURE...

2 products Titan Ti
Titan Ti
Bearing hydraulic Titan Ti

A hydraulic nut incorporates its own internal hydraulic jack. This enables large diameter bolts to be tensioned with ease to high and accurate pre-loads.Hydraulic nuts are widely used in the oil and gas,...

Titan Ti
Hydraulic splitter Titan Ti

Cut through the biggest, hardest, most corroded nuts safely in just seconds with the Titan hydraulic nut splitter. Just place the nut splitter over...

1 products KSS
KSS MRH-A,B series
Lead screw and MRH-A,B series KSS

A Polyamide type Resin with good sliding properties is employed...

1 products FACOM
FACOM 43 series
Tube wrench 43 series FACOM

Metric sizes from 7 to 19 mm. Flange strengthened...

5 products ENERPAC
ENERPAC 20 - 150 t, 50 - 250 mm | RACL series
Singleacting lock hydraulic aluminum cylinder 20 - 150 t, 50 - 250 mm | RACL series ENERPAC

Enerpac Aluminum Lock Nut Cylinders provide mechanical load holding for extended periods Hardened steel stop ring increasing cylinder life and resistance to side-loads of up to 5% Hard-Coat...

ENERPAC 5 - 90 t | NC series
Hydraulic splitter 5 - 90 t | NC series ENERPAC

Enerpac hydraulic nut splitters are compact and have an ergonomic design, easy to use Unique angled head design Single-acting,...

ENERPAC 103 - 192 t | NS series
Hydraulic splitter 103 - 192 t | NS series ENERPAC

Enerpac hydraulic nut splitters are specially designed to suit standard ANSI B16.5 / BS1560 flanges Single-acting (spring return) or double-acting cylinder Tri-blade...

ENERPAC 60 - 520 t, 45 - 50 mm | CLP series
Hydraulic pancake lock cylinder jack 60 - 520 t, 45 - 50 mm | CLP series ENERPAC

The pancake lock nut cylinders by Enerpac are known for their low height, which makes them usable in confined areas....

ENERPAC 50 - 1 000 t, 50 - 300 mm | CLL series
Lock hydraulic cylinder jack 50 - 1 000 t, 50 - 300 mm | CLL series ENERPAC

Enerpac CLL-Series cylinders, single acting safety lock nut cylinders for mechanical load holding which can hold for up to...

2 products Beta Utensili
new Beta Utensili 8029R
Bow shackle with safety bolt and 8029R Beta Utensili

TECHNICAL DATA • minimum safety factor: 5 • heat treatment: hardening and tempering • traceability code on...

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