water analyzer / pH / for integration
water analyzer

... compatible, 6-relay output) Control output (upper and lower limits ON/OFF and duty control in a shared time and a zone) New pH electrode lineup

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HORIBA Process & Environmental
liquid analyzer / pH / conductivity / ORP
liquid analyzer
CyberScan pH 2100

This product has a high resolution and accuracy for measurement. With backlit two line,the Dot Matrix LCD display provides clear information about the setup, measurement and calibration. The direct ion measurement uses many Ion selective ...

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Eutech Instruments
water analyzer / pH / portable / weatherproof
water analyzer

... Teledyne Analytical's field-proven LXT-220 line-powered controller, pH and chlorine ion electrodes to create a compensated free chlorine measurement independent of pH and flow rate. The analyzer ...

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Teledyne Analytical Instruments
water analyzer / liquid / pH / ORP
water analyzer

Important values securely under control The TOPAX DX is based on the longstanding experience of many generations of TOPAX controllers from Lutz-Jesco. Its modular design makes it an adaptable and a highly compatible partner in measuring ...

nickel analyzer / copper / pH / for integration
nickel analyzer
WCU, WNI410 series

... chemistries. Each output has a replenishment totalizer which may be set in units of time or volume. Optional pH Input Board (WNI) may be used to add pH adjustment chemistry. Output has a replenishment ...

liquid analyzer / pH / conductivity / ORP
liquid analyzer

Plug and Play with IntelliCAL(TM) probes - pH, conductivity, LDO, and more* * Lighten your load with a single meter to measure either pH, Conductivity, or LDO interchangeably * Quick and ...

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water analyzer / pH / for integration / online
water analyzer

... Automatic or manual temperature compensation . Long distance transmission capability of measuring signal from sensor to analyzer . Combination PH electrode ---faster response . Two analog outputs and ...

water analyzer / pH / ORP / turbidity
water analyzer
50 series

The device can provide up to two simultaneous digital measurements. The instrument features a programming keypad with 5 keys including the CAL function key which can be used to direct access to the calibration menu. Then there is the ...

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automatic analyzer / nickel / pH / concentration
automatic analyzer

... channels automatic analyser designed for use with Ronamax and Everon electroless nickel processes. When the nickel concentration and/or pH fall below their pre-set values, replenishment via metering pumps ...

liquid analyzer / oxygen / water hardness / pH
liquid analyzer

... values used to verify water quality using its sensors. These include, pH, total hardness, redox, acid capacity and dissolved oxygen. The sensors transmit the data to the portable analyzer, which clearly ...

multi-parameter analyzer / water / oxygen / pH
multi-parameter analyzer

... and data management. The instrument contains a multi-parameter monitor which displays the DO, temperature, conductivity, pH, ORP, and salinity readings. The instrument also features an event-logging function which ...

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YSI Life Sciences
water analyzer / TDS / salinity / temperature
water analyzer
C5000 series

... basic, yet complete and accurate portable meter in our portfolio. It can measure all common electrochemical parameters such as pH, ORP, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen. This makes the C5010 an all-round instrument. ...

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water analyzer / oxygen / pH / conductivity
water analyzer

Easy measurement of 6 items (pH, temp., DO, conductivity, turbidity, salinity) Ideal for applications such as rivers, lakes, dams, etc. Easy maintenance with cartridge electrode Measurements at depth ...

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water analyzer / pH / conductivity / TDS
water analyzer

The Aqua-CP/A is a waterproof, all-in-one meter for Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature. It features multiple Conductivity and TDS ranges, making it suitable for a wide variety of lab and field applications. The ranges ...

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water analyzer / steam / hydrocarbon / chlorine
water analyzer

... its own line of manufacture of specific equipment of sample conditioning. MANVIA installs in its SWAS the most advanced analyzers available in the market, selected by our technicians, after conducting a thorough study ...

milk analyzer / temperature / pH / benchtop
milk analyzer

... only system dedicated to monitoring the acidification activity of lactic ferments, which simultaneously observes the change in pH, temperature and redox potential of one or several samples in order to: Determine the acid ...

water analyzer / pH / ORP / TDS
water analyzer
SD series

SD 50 pH SD 60 ORP/Redox SD 70 Con SD 80 TDS SD 90 Salinität Highlights Portable Hand-Held Meter Scroll-Through Functionality Compact & Robust Storage Function Backlit Display Waterproof (IP67) The new Lovibond® ...

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Tintometer - Lovibond
oxygen analyzer / liquid / pH / conductivity
oxygen analyzer
SensoDirect 150

The SensoDirect 150 combines the features of several hand-held meters. Highlights * pH/Redox, Conductivity/TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature °C/°F * All in one * Real time data logger * Protective ...

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liquid analyzer / pH / ORP / temperature
liquid analyzer
M 5262 C

... control of free chlorine, redox and pH in swimming-pools applications. The unit consists of two electrodes (gold and copper - measurement electrodes) measurement cell with mechanical cleaning and flow armature with pH ...

liquid analyzer / pH / ORP / temperature
liquid analyzer

· Professional digital microprocessor based instrument with LCD display. (mm) · Available in wall mounted or panel mounted versions. · IP54 protection for the versions MSP (panel mounted) and IP66 for the MSB (wall mounted) version. · ...