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bearing plate heater / electrical - 729659 C

Bearings of small size need preheating before mounting. The thermostat-controlled SKF Electric hot plate 729659 C professional...

bearing plate heater / electrical - 115 V, 60 Hz | 370C

Electronically powered plate heater optimizes temperature sustenance up to 370 degrees for...

laboratory plate heater - +25 °C ... +550 °C  | Top PC series

Corning® uses a durable glass-ceramic Pyroceram, thus providing superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. It operates...

laboratory plate heater / digital - +5 °C ... +550 °C | PC-400/600D series

The Corning PC-400D hot plate features a 5" x 7" Pyroceram® with a digital temperature display. It is made to work on 120V/60Hz with a three point plug...

laboratory plate heater / digital - max. +540 °C

Thermo Scientific Cimarec Digital Hotplates caters to a wide range of sample-heating applications. They have safety precautionary warning for secure operations. Digital display and large control...

laboratory plate heater / digital - +50 °C ... +500 °C | C-MAG HP 4 IKATHERM®

The C-MAG HS 4, manufactured by IKA, is a magnetic stirrer equipped with a ceramic...

laboratory plate heater / digital - +50 °C ... +500 °C | C-MAG HP 7 IKATHERM®

The C-MAG HP 7, manufactured by Ika, is a hotplate constructed out of glass and offers...

laboratory plate heater / digital - +50 °C ... +500 °C | C-MAG HP 10 IKATHERM®

The C-MAG HP 10, manufactured by IKA, is a magnetic stirrer equipped with a ceramic glass heating...

bearing plate heater / electrical - HPS / HPL

Hot Plate HPS and HPL

The electric heating plate HPS (small)...

plate heater - max. 250 °C | HAP

These can be fabricated for use in warming tables, cabinet heaters, cooling tables, heating plates for form carriers or even radiating...

precision plate heater - 200°C | PC 200

· Definition : 200 °C heating plate for all applications.
· Construction : heating plate in rectified duraluminium, covered with PTFE

ceramic plate heater - 100 - 300 W

Ceramic Plate Heater:

- The Ceramic Plate Heater is made of the highest quality...

plate heater - 2 400 W

These rugged casl-iron plates comprise two circuits
o( sheathed metal tubes...

plate heater - 1 000 - 2 000 W

These healers are intended (or drying or tor maintain-

soldering plate heater - max. 800 W | IRHP100A-03

Heating plates are the most important peripherals on a hand soldering workplace. Component heating during finishing/rework ensures faster and safer soldering processes. Ersa heating plates...

soldering plate heater - i-CON C

Today's soldering operators are faced with ever increasing challenges: continued miniaturization
& densely packed PCBs, high thermal mass solder joints as well as the general...

soldering plate heater - IRHP 100

The newest addition to the i-CON C workbench family is the infrared heating plate 0IRHP100A-03. The proven IR heating plate which comes directly out of ERSA's world...

soldering plate heater - IRHP 200

he ERSA IRHP 200 is a compact and ergonomically designed heating plate to preheat all SMD components as well as assemblies and substrates during the hand soldering...

PTFE plate heater - 500 - 3 200 W | Heatflon® Series H

Heatflon® heating panels have primarily been developed for heating aggressive liquids by means of an electrical heating process as applied in electroplating, semi-conductor...

ceramic plate heater - MAX. 500 °C

Our flat heating elements made off silicon nitride ceramics can be operated in air up to 500 °C and optionally up to 1000 °C.
The adjustment...

ceramic plate heater - max. 400 V, 1 000 °C

This Ceramic made of silicon nitride can be produced with an outer diameter of 300 mm.
Within this diameter any rectangular shape, customized shape or opening is possible. A typical height of
the plates is 5 mm. The special properties and low mass of the ceramic material...

plate heater - max. 400 V, 500 °C | WAFER HEATERS

Ceramic hot plates made of silicon nitride can be produced with an outer diameter of 300 mm.
Within this diameter any rectangular shapes, customized shapes and openings are possible. A typical height...

laboratory plate heater / digital - max. +325 °C | SD160

The Digital laboratory hot plate SD160 Series is manufactured by Stuart Equipment. The product has precise digital setting with...

laboratory plate heater / digital - max. +300 °C | SD300, SD500

The Digital Hotplate Series SD300, SD500 is manufactured by Stuart Instrument. The product has digital settings...

laboratory plate heater / infrared - 900 W | CR300

Very efficient heating saving time and energy
Chemically resistant ceramic top

laboratory plate heater / acid-resistant - max. +400 °C | CP300

The Acid-resistant laboratory hot plate CP300 Series is manufactured by Stuart Equipment. The product...

laboratory plate heater - +30 °C ... +100 °C | PA series

This plate heater by FALC is made of anodized aluminium and is ideal for laboratories requiring slide drying and precision, but no high temperatures.
Max. capacity: 20 slides in two rows.


laboratory plate heater / acid-resistant - +50 °C ... +350 °C | JOLLY series

Housing in steel, oven coated with acidproof epoxy paint; heating plate in aluminium, 8 mm. thick with rapid heating up to 350 °C temperature: the position of the heating resistance allows uniform heating of the whole surface; a solid structure renders...

laboratory plate heater / acid-resistant - +500 °C | CIR series

The CIR series, manufactured by FALC Instruments S.r.l., is a cast iron plate heater that is...

laboratory plate heater - +600 °C | PV series

Plate heater in vitreous ceramic by FALC are especially suited for high corrosive products; vitreous ceramic features a very low coefficient of expansion, so the bearing surface do not buckle even if working...

laboratory plate heater - +500 °C | CIR series

This is the Cast iron plate heater by FALC containing a built in heating resistance.

It has an aluminium body oven which is coated with acid proof...

laboratory plate heater / digital - 2 000 W | EH series

The EH Series from LabTech is a rang of hotplates which are developed to meet laboratory daily heating...

laboratory plate heater / digital - 3 000 W | EG series

The EH series by LabTech Srlis a Digital laboratory hot plate which is designed to...

laboratory plate heater / digital - 3 000 W | EG series

The Digital Laboratory Hot Plate is manufactured by J.P Selecta. The product has...

laboratory plate heater / digital - 3 000 W | EG series

The Uniplac, manufactured by Grupo Selecta, is an adjustable temperature hotplate equipped...

plate heater - 50 - 300 °C | WP series

Applications of WP Heating Plates

WP Heating Plates are suitable for wax heating as well as the heating of coil elements and metal forms. The temperature...

laboratory plate heater - max. +370 °C | RC series

Single- and two-position heating plate with temperature regulation. The aluminum...

laboratory plate heater / digital - max. +550 °C | REC series

The REC is a digital hot plate with white ceramic heating plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches and is extremely easy to clean.

REC is the first hot plate with an entire technopolymer structure, extremely innovative and ideal for premium resistance to acids, bases and solvents.


plate heater - 120 - 1200 W | HPH series

The Caloritech™ HPH Industrial Heavy-Duty Hot Plate Heater is designed for heavy-duty use in industrial environments. The unit consists of a robust Caloritech™ heating element pressed into a groove on the underside of an aluminum heating plate to provide efficient...

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