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portable scale - max. 6 kg | Scout® Pro

This item was designed for education, industrial and laboratory applications, with a two-button operation, which makes...

digital scale / portable - max. 5 kg | Traveler™ series

The OHAUS TravelerTM Series is used for basic weighing in Educational applications. It is designed with a unique draft-shield that offers weigh-thru capability for usage and ‘stackability’ for storage. The traveler has the right combination of...

portable scale - max. 5.1 kg | Navigator® NV series

The OHAUS' Navigator series has managed to effectively deliver an extreme merger of features, versatility and performance for industrial, food, and laboratory weighing applications. It...

portable scale - max. 20 kg | Navigator® XL series

The NAVIGATOR series of value-oriented scales was designed by OHAUS for use in a large number of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. This series features flexibility and performance...

portable scale - max. 16 kg | Navigator® XT

OHAUS supersedes the value-oriented scales once again with the introduction of the 'Navigator' series. It offers top class combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial,...

portable scale - 81 g, 0.001 g | PL83-S

The PL83-S Classic Light balance is designed for reliability, and accuracy. Constructed...

portable scale - 220 - 2 200 g, 0.01 - 1 g | EL series

Uses in classrooms are multiple. Helpful and simple-to-interpret utilities...

portable scale - 10 g / 40 kg | PCE-EPS 40

The PCE-EPS 40 compact scale (not verifiable) has a stainless steel platform of 330 x 230 mm, which can be removed for easier cleaning. The compact scale is a mobile device due to its very low weight, compact dimensions and its power supply by 9 V battery...

portable scale - 10 - 50 kg, 5 - 20 g | ECB series

The ECB series is a portable scale manufactured by KERN®. This battery operated scale...

platform scale / portable - WS1

The WS1 light weight portable weighing scale is a perfect answer to your medium to large general platform weighing needs. Complete with a universal wall/desk mount digital display, the WS1 is easy to move...

floor-mounted scale / portable - 60 - 150 kg, 20 - 50 g | DB-II series

The DB-II series is suitable for 90° reclining, and 360° rotation processes. The floor scale range features an optional...

platform scale / portable / stainless steel / with detachable indicator - max. 300 kg, 50 - 100 g | MS-2510

General purpose, used in a wide variety of industrial and warehouse environments.

industrial balance / portable / rubber / steel - 60 kg | 55058060

Digital transportable balance with briefcase
Steel platform...

floor-mounted scale / portable - max. 20 000 lb

Avery Weigh-Tronixs cargo scales were originally developed for the air freight industry, to weigh air cargo containers. Since then, due to their accuracy and durability,...

floor-mounted scale / portable - 1 000 lb, 24 x 18 in | PFS

The portable floor scale (PFS) is a 24 by 18 platform scale on wheels, designed to be connected to a weight indicator.

This 1000lb capacity industrial scale can be battery powered, for complete flexibility in location.


floor-mounted scale / portable - 500 - 1 000 lb | Porta-Tronic 800

The Porta-Tronic 800 portable scale is a self contained floor scale that can be easily moved when needed.

This platform scale was designed for light to medium capacity weighing in industrial applications.

Available in a range of weighing...

portable scale - max. 30 kg | BW30

- Scale intervals : 1 g
- Tray : 290 x...

digital scale / portable - max. 50 kg | S50

The DYMO® S50 Shipping Scale offers the ability to easily weigh parcels...

digital scale / portable - max. 100 kg | S100

The DYMO® S100 Shipping Scale offers the ability to easily weigh parcels...

digital scale / portable - max. 180 kg | S180

The DYMO® S180 Shipping Scale offers the ability to easily weigh parcels...

floor-mounted scale / portable - 17.75 - 23.5

The 1100 Series Portable Scale runs on AC power or a built-in...

mechanical scale / portable / platform - 17.75 - 23.5

A rugged and economical mechanical scale for industrial...

portable scale - 684P

Cardinals American-made, 684P is lightweight and portable with almost limitless uses. Featuring a large...

portable scale - GP series

Cardinal’s American-made, NTEP legal-for-trade certified GP-400 is lightweight and portable with almost limitless...

floor-mounted scale / portable - RW series

Run-a-Weigh-LogoThe USA-made Run-a-Weigh portable floor scale features a spacious 24.5 x 30 inch (62 x 76 cm) platform with two-way, easy-access integral ramps, built-in handles and wheels, battery power option, plus...

portable scale - 0.01 %u2013 5 000 g | MP series

Our Portable Scales Perfect for university, pharmaceutical, and colleges applications which offers High Measuring for laboratory applications requiring 1 milligram readability.

In the competitive world of weighing ,Our Portable Scales provide accurate weights, traceability quality and honest weighing.

Each Portable Balance is accompanied by the warranty & after sales...

portable scale - max. 6200 g | TX/TXB/TXC series

The TX, TXB, TXC series is a range of weighing scales that features menu operation key and easy-to-use lockout. The menu navigation keys are isolated from the weighing operation keys and are arranged...

portable scale - max. 6 000 g

The ELB Series is a range of weigh scales, manufactured by Shimadzu. They are portable because of their dry battery operation. Their internal resolution 1/40,000 provides...

portable scale - max. 3 100 g | JT N series

This compact Scale provides total portability in a...

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