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luminous push-button switch - max. 5 A, 125 - 250 VAC | MSM CS 19

- Momentary switch available in version: Standard (ST), with Lettering...

luminous push-button switch - max. 5 A, 125 - 250 VAC | MSM CS 22

Presenting an ingenious new product. The Schurter MCM CS 22 is a product of great ingenuity...

latching action push-button switch - max. 12 A, 250 VAC | MSM LA 19

Introducing a ingenious new product. The Schurter MSM LA 19 is a component built...

latching action push-button switch - max. 12 A, 250 VAC | MSM LA 22

The MSM LA 22 switches come in different versions such as Standard(ST), with Lettering(LE),...

vandal-proof push-button switch - 125 mA, 4 - 48 VDC | MCS 19

The MCS 18 Metal Line Switches are available with a wide different materials, colors,...

push-button switch - X4 series

The new Elma Hall Effect sensor coded switch combines the legendary feel and click of the type 04 switch with the very...

push-button switch - Ø 6 mm x 4.5 mm

The Elma Push-on knobs are affordable choice knobs that provide a soft touch feel. With a base diameters...

push-button switch - K1

K1 Metal Knobs has a design made from solid aluminum. Customized design and colors are also available upon request. Its surface is scratch...

emergency stop push-button switch - SIL 3, IP 65 | INCA 1

The INCA 1 is an emergency stop device for installation in 22.5mm slot in component...

emergency stop push-button switch - SIL 3

Smile - compact as well as economical E-stop

To be able to satisfy the requirement for a compact as well as effortless to set up E-stop, Smile have been created. The dimensions of the unit tends to make it doable to be mounted...

emergency stop push-button switch - 30 mm

30 mm mounting base enables easy installation and hookup with no assembly, individual wiring or additional enclosure required.

Available with two-color:...

emergency stop push-button switch / panel-mount / water-proof - IP65

This Flush Mount Emergency Stop Button is easy to install and available in four styles: lockable actuator, illuminated lockabe actuator, illuminated standard actuator and standard actuator....

emergency stop push-button switch / panel-mount / water-proof - IP65

Banner original has introduced an illuminated emergency - stop button along with safety light curtain that has got integral muting and many other innovative features included in it. This is the first stop - button that...

push-button switch - ø 8 - 20.3 mm

These push buttons are directly integrated in the control component one complete component. The job is to send the command quickly and automatically run it in the power...

luminous push-button switch - ø 8.1 mm, max. 35 V, 250 mA

This device has suitable design signal lamps with bi-pin t1 socket lamps with...

luminous push-button switch - max. 35 V, 100 mA, IP65 | LUMOTAST FK

The RAFI illuminated push button is a quick assembly system that can inserted in front plate , press once , pushbutton is fixed. With a mounting hole of diameter...

luminous push-button switch - max. 35 V, 100 mA, IP65 | LUMOTAST 25

These illuminated push buttons are integrated with a lamp socket. It only has 30.7 mm decreased mounting scope integrated with a clip...

luminous push-button switch - max. 35 V, 100 mA, IP65 | LUMOTAST 75

RAFI Gmbh pushbuttons/illuminated pushbutton LUMOTAST 75 with lamp socket has a mounting hole diameter of 16.2 mm and a T4.5...

push-button switch for automotive applications - 10 - 2 000 mA | 3200 series

This automotive switch has been manufactured by one of the leaders in the industry, Johnson Electrics, and comes with various features...

push-button switch - TIPPMATIC® Timer

TIPPMATIC® is the newest generation of energy saving switches intended for appliances. It surpasses...

push-button switch - TIPPMATIC® iF

You are looking at one of the latest generation of switches that are completely energy saving, and were designed for a wide range of appliances,...

push-button switch - TIPPMATIC® Plus

The products in this series are part of the latest generation of energy saving switches, which you will surely enjoy...

push-button switch - TIPPMATIC® iPlus

TIPPMATIC® is the newest generation of energy saving switches intended for appliances. It surpasses...

emergency stop push-button switch / with housing - BDF 200 series

Schmersal slender, shock-proof thermoplastic enclosures can be installed ergonomically and fit commercial aluminum...

mushroom push-button switch - Ø 30 mm | NH series

This emergency stop latching push button device is designed with a mushroom...

mushroom push-button switch - PT series

These mushroom push buttons are designed with...

luminous push-button switch - LT series

It has a 19 x 19 touch surface and at it's front,...

bistable push-button switch - 83 502

These well-rated switches of the 83 502 series are...

push-button switch - 83 453 series

Crouzet Aerospace is one of the leaders in the industry and has recently came up with this product, after undergoing some major research. This industrialized...

wireless push-button switch - max. 25 mW, 868.3 - 915 MHz | RF BF 74

The RF BF 74 is designed with a thermoplastic enclosure and equipped with sWave®...

wireless push-button switch - max. 25 mW, 868.3 - 915 MHz | RF BF 72 series

Wireless command devices RF BF 72 SW868 are devices which can be easily programmed...

wireless push-button switch - max. 10 mW, 868.3 MHz | RF BF 94

Steute RF BF 94 wireless command devices have a thermoplastic...

wireless push-button switch - max. 25 mW, 868.3 - 915 MHz | RF 95 series

Steute RF 95 EN868 wireless command devices feature a thermoplastic enclosure...

explosion-proof push-button switch - max. 6 A, 250 V | Ex 14

The Ex command device Ex14 is double-insulated, slow-action, with change-over contact...

wireless push-button switch - Harmony XB5R

This new innovation Harmony XB5R wireless is a Batteryless push button and it's easy to install in both applications, such as bottling, packaging, and conveying...

push-button switch - Ø 22 mm | Harmony XB4

Schneider Electric Harmony XB4 Ø 22 mm chromium plated metal bezel pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights have been certified and approved for meeting EN/IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, Gost, JIS, NEMA requirements....

push-button switch - 8 - 250 V, max. 15 A | Z series

This general purpose basic switch is available in a wide variety of types and offers high precision. It offers repeat...

push-button switch - max. 380 V, 10 A | A22

It utilizes a 25 diameter ring to put in a 25 diameter panel cutouts. It is installed using either a round-type (closed-type) or...

subminiature push-button switch - 125 - 250 V, 3 - 5 A | A2A

This state of the art and high performance push buttons switch contains the embedded...

luminous push-button switch - 8 - 250 V, max. 5 A | A3P

The Large Rectangular Bodied Lighted push buttons are the leading choice in push...

emergency stop push-button switch - 16 mm | A165E

The one of a kind A165E is specially built with a separate construction making it the smallest class of depth in the world. It has several distinct characteristics...

push-button switch - 16 mm | 800B series

Bulletin 800B 16 mm Push Buttons feature superior configuration and flexible design for...

push-button switch - 22 mm | 800F series

Our 22 mm line of 800F Operators are designed and manufactured in line with...

push-button switch - 30 mm | 800H series

We offer 30 mm operators which include e-stop devices, MaxDuty push buttons...

push-button switch - 30 mm | 800H series

Pilot lights have various uses for a range of applications. The Specialty...

push-button switch - C22 series

The C22 Compact pilot devices were created with mono block construction and is...

push-button switch - 7835, 7836 series

The general purpose of the AC Rated Push button switches feature slow-make / slow-break butt type contacts with a light operating pressure that is specifically fitted to instrumentation...

push-button switch - 7835, 7836 series

Push Button and Indicator Switches are available for devices such as medical equipment, appliances, test instruments, etc. The...

push-button switch - 16 mm, IP66 | 800B

The Bulletin series of 16mm push buttons can meet light instrumentation applications and...

luminous push-button switch - 800FD

E-stops and pilot lights are included on these Bulletin 800FD Monolithic Push Buttons. Light...

push-button switch - 82 series

Stainless steel push-button switch series 82 is constructed with Ø 19 mm hole size...

push-button switch - EN 14752 | 57 series

The door opener in the EAO series is the first choice when it comes to train EAO, the illuminated pushbutton pioneer. Series 57 consists of 'all-in-one' door opening devices, set to redefine the standards for passenger access. The latest advanced...

push-button switch - 04 series

This 704 012 518 is a push button actuator that has a flat design...

push-button switch - C1 series

The DECA SWITCHLAB C1 series industrial switches are very cost-efficient, easy to install...

emergency stop push-button switch - 16 mm

DECA® manufactures the 16mm emergency stop switch. It features a 28/32 mm large pusher that guarantees precise actuation movement. The switch is easy to operate using a thumb or a glove with no reduction in its efficiency and convenience. This...

multi-LED illuminated push-button switch - 16 mm | ADP16F series

The indicator light in the ADP16F series is 16mm and there are various features that contribute towards the increased performance...

momentary push-button switch / stainless steel - CE, 12 VDC, 3 A | J16-271

C: 1NOB +1NC/2NO+2NC
250V AC/DC
5V AC/DC, 1mA
Silver plated glod
.110" Solder/Quick Connect
-25° to +5S°C
45 to 85% RH

momentary push-button switch / stainless steel / switch - max. 250 V, ø 16 mm, IP67 | EJ16 series

1 NO/°D& rfrj
250V AC/DC
5V AC/DC, 1mA
Silver Plated
.110" Solder/ Quick Connect
-25° to+5510g
100,000 operations...

momentary push-button switch / vandal-proof / stainless steel / LED - max. 250 V, ø 22 mm, IP67 | J22-271

250V AC/DC
5V AC/DC, 1mA
Gold plated silver
.110" Solder/Quick Connect
-25° to +55°C
45 to 85% RH
50M Qmaximum

emergency stop push-button switch - IP67 | MP700 series

The MP700 series by Microprecision is a limit switch which has a positive opening application...

emergency stop push-button switch - IP67 | MP700 series

Touch Metal dot illuminated, vandal proof, IP68 weather and water...


How to choose this product


Push-button switches are input components designed to control machines, electrical devices and electrical systems. They consist of a contact and a switch element with a return mechanism. These switches constitute a simple, rapid mechanism for controlling a power circuit.


Push-button switches are used in calculators, telephones, command consoles, remote controls and other mechanical and electronic devices in industry. Push-button switches are commonly used as emergency stop switches for immediate machinery shutdown in critical situations.


Push-button switches are available in different colors in order to facilitate operator control of complicated machinery. They also can be illuminated in order to indicate the status of an electrical process or device.

How to choose

Push-button switches include various sizes for different mounting hole diameters, in various colors and with or without illumination. Make sure you specify these characteristics when contacting a manufacturer.

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