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The Quick-Change Tapping Chuck is designed with an adjustable lead-in pressure to fit different materials and taps. It has a compact...


This Schunk's quick-change system is the smallest automatic robot changing system that offers thin interfering contour with a holding weight up to 1kg that is recommended...

The NSR-A Compact quick-change module, manufactured by Schunk, is a gripping system that features a solid steel power transmission element and a Pneumatic system pressure of 3.5 bar that is enough...

Schunk has launched a tool change system that is designed for robot applications in which it is mandatory that a center drills in the changing unit. Furthermore, the signals, the mediums...


This is is an equipment used for faster tool change of the smaller robots. The brand has expanded the range of robot accessories by including smaller accessories for the users to completely utilize...

The NSR-A Compact quick-change module, manufactured by Schunk, is a gripping system that features a solid steel power transmission element and Pneumatic system...

Schunk has introduced a robotic tool changing system that has got a center bore with it. This system is best to be used with robotic applications and it requires the charging units to have a center...


The CLICKIN system by Iscar ensures optimal rigidity by using the taper and the tool face. To mount on the machine, the system uses a SHRINKIN toolholder with a...


The QS™ holding system has been designed to permit quick tool changing in sliding head machines resulting in optimum machine productivity. This system can be purchased with a high-precision...


Kennametal KM® are the most robust and precise tooling systems in the world. The systems...

Erickson has introduced milling machine - spindles that can...


The QS holding system is equipped with a Chip control technology that allows efficient machining with QS HP high precision coolants. It is easy to use with mounted...


This quick change tool holder is developed by Knuth Machine Tools. It is compatible with all...


The GSX 30-90 by Otto Suhner AG is a Quick change tool holder which comes...


(High Rigidity ) Special...


This device is equipped with a clamping system which assures a concentricity of...


Easy quick change with just one action.


Strong Performance
Very compact design with big plane surface


HFP – the safest method of wireless monitoring for multispindle tapping now even safer.

Together with the Bilz quick change chucks and adaptors the HFP system can securely monitor the right hand rotation as well as the left hand rotation. The high frequency transmitter integrated...


Quick change tooling mount/ docking device...


High rigidity
The TungCap clamping mechanism is extremely rigid and resilient


Application on machines with minimum-quantity...

The tool holder HF/HD/Spezial with length compensation on tension and
compression has been designed for the...


How to choose this product


Quick change tool holders provide easy switching of cutting tools on both milling and turning machines.


These devices can be used on milling, drilling and turning machines for tapping, drilling, boring, milling and cutting. They are ideal for applications where production costs are high and machining cycle times are limited.


Such holders used on lathes are designed so that the tool can be changed in a single manual operation.

How to choose

Choice will depend on spindle type and other machine characteristics.


- Reduces production time

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