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2 products MOTOROLA
MOTOROLA 12.5/25 kHz | CM200™
Mobile 12.5/25 kHz | CM200™ MOTOROLA

With its large controls, powerful 4-watt speaker and bright LED indicators, the CM200 mobile two-way radio frees drivers to...

MOTOROLA 12.5/25 kHz | CM300™
Mobile 12.5/25 kHz | CM300™ MOTOROLA

With a versatile 32 channels, powerful 4-watt speaker and alphanumeric display, the CM300 mobile two-way radio lets users...

2 products Rohde Schwarz
new Rohde Schwarz 1.5 - 30 MHz | R&S®M3SR Series
HF 1.5 - 30 MHz | R&S®M3SR Series Rohde Schwarz

Rohde and Schwarz made this series 4100 software-defined radio series to work with a sensible setup and to be reliable for all sorts of authorities and organizations. This is popular...

Rohde Schwarz R&S®M3A
VHF/UHF for airborne applications R&S®M3A Rohde Schwarz

The R&S®M3AR family presents a modular design and up-to-date technology with its software defined, multiband-capable airborne transceivers. This indicates to extraordinary MTBF values and an extensive...

Trimble Navigation - Construction Division 900 MHz | Trimble® SNB900
Rugged for construction and mining 900 MHz | Trimble® SNB900 Trimble Navigation - Construction Division

The SNB900 is a multi-network 900MHz radio designed specifically for use with global...

Infineon Technologies - Sensors 1 GHz
Integrated circuit 1 GHz Infineon Technologies - Sensors

Wireless Control has become an indispensable item of everyday’s life. Starting from routines like gate openers,...

Infineon Technologies - Sensors I²RF™
Multichannel I²RF™ Infineon Technologies - Sensors

Intelligent Interfaces via RF is a platform supporting wireless application connectivity on a I²RF™ single-chip solution. The RF Part is a dedicational multi channel transceiver system intended...

1 products Analog Devices
Analog Devices ADFxxxx, ADxxxx series
Integrated circuit ADFxxxx, ADxxxx series Analog Devices

A high performance device comprising both a transmitter and a receiver which are combined...

CML Microcircuits CMX991
Integrated circuit CMX991 CML Microcircuits

The CMX991 is a single-chip, high performance, RF transceiver that provides the core functions required to implement a full-featured radio transmitter and receiver. It operates from 100MHz to 1GHz and...

Murata Electronics
Integrated circuit Murata Electronics

RF Components are mounted on transmitting and receiving circuits in communication...

JAY Electronique Timo
Timo JAY Electronique

Compact design, communicating transceiver 6 transistor outputs programmable to logical or PWM type 2 analog outputs 2 logical...

JAY Electronique Elio
Elio JAY Electronique

Optimized, open-ended transceiver 12 relays 1 analog output in option 1 analog input in option 2 logical inputs in option 1...

JAY Electronique Alto
Alto JAY Electronique

Modular, multifunction transceiver 3 locations which can welcome various types of boards Board 12 relays Board 6 analog output Board...

3 products HBC-radiomatic
HBC-radiomatic FSE 726 radiobus
FSE 726 radiobus HBC-radiomatic

* flexcard modular system for customer-specific configuration. * 12 black / white commands. * Control of up to 6 analog functions also possible. * Customized versions with extended number...

HBC-radiomatic FSE 736 radiobus
FSE 736 radiobus HBC-radiomatic

* flexcard modular system for easy customization. * Up to 36 black / white commands (alternatively version with up to 28 black / white commands + 6 analog commands). * Customized versions...

HBC-radiomatic FSE 776 radiobus
FSE 776 radiobus HBC-radiomatic

* flexcard modular system for easy customization. * Up to 104 black / white commands (alternatively version with up to 96 black / white commands + 8 analog commands). * Diverse analog...

Circuit Design, Inc. 434 MHz | CDP-TX/RX-02E-R
Multichannel 434 MHz | CDP-TX/RX-02E-R Circuit Design, Inc.

The CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R are an RoHS compliant, embedded industrial narrow band FM radio transmitter and receiver. They are suitable for various application fields such as wireless data communication,...

Circuit Design, Inc. 869 MHz | CDP-TX/RX-05M-R
869 MHz | CDP-TX/RX-05M-R Circuit Design, Inc.

UHF Narrow Band Transmitter / Receiver CDP-TX-05M-R / CDP-RX-05M-R Compact multi channel transmitter and receiver (4 channels) CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R are low power...

Circuit Design, Inc. 438 - 462 MHz | LMD-400-R
Narrow band 438 - 462 MHz | LMD-400-R Circuit Design, Inc.

Narrow band multi-channel transceiver LMD-400-R conforms to EN300113 and FCC Part 90 Circuit Design, Inc. the leading supplier of narrowband radio modules...

Circuit Design, Inc. 434 - 869 MHz | STD-302N-R
Narrow band 434 - 869 MHz | STD-302N-R Circuit Design, Inc.

Channel programmable transceiver The UHF FM narrow band transceiver module STD-302N/N-R is suitable...

Circuit Design, Inc. 2.4 GHz | STD-502-R
2.4 GHz | STD-502-R Circuit Design, Inc.

DSSS low power radio transceiver The STD-502-R 2.4 GHz transceiver uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) modulation and a true diversity circuit, enabling reliable communications even in the congested...

1 products Newsteo SAS
video Newsteo SAS USB
USB Newsteo SAS

Radio receiver for PCs, to communicate with all loggers Newsteo The RF-to-USB Key can communicate bidirectionally with Newsteo data loggers: - Reception of measurements sent by radio - Sending commands...

2 products Tyro Remotes
Tyro Remotes 868 Mhz, IP66 | Tyro Pavo
868 Mhz, IP66 | Tyro Pavo Tyro Remotes

The Tyro Pavo, specialist in feedback for additional safety The Tyro Pavo is a versatile, very fast, half-duplex receiver with a range up to 350 metres. Feedback on the transmitter offers the user additional...

Tyro Remotes 868 Mhz, IP66 | Tyro Aquila
Compact 868 Mhz, IP66 | Tyro Aquila Tyro Remotes

Tyro Aquila transciever: the flexible datacommunication specialist! The Tyro Aquila is a very fast full-duplex RF receiver for wireless data communication without interuption. When using this remote...

Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. max. 100 Mbps | CV1-64VT/64VR series
max. 100 Mbps | CV1-64VT/64VR series Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd.

Comark fiber-optic video transceivers can simultaneously transmit 1-64 channels of 8-bit digitally encoded video / return or bidirectional data / unidirectional or bidirectional...

21 products Radiocrafts
new Radiocrafts 865.0 - 867.0 MHz | RC1170-RC232
Multichannel 865.0 - 867.0 MHz | RC1170-RC232 Radiocrafts

The RC11XX-RC232 RF Transceiver Modules are compact surface-mounted high performance modules for FSK operation...

new Radiocrafts 865.0 - 867.0 MHz | RC1170HP-RC232
Multichannel 865.0 - 867.0 MHz | RC1170HP-RC232 Radiocrafts

The RC11XX-RC232 RF Transceiver Modules are compact surface-mounted high performance modules for FSK operation...

new Radiocrafts 2400.0 - 2483.0 MHz | RC2500-RC232
Multichannel 2400.0 - 2483.0 MHz | RC2500-RC232 Radiocrafts

The RC2500 RF Transceiver Module is a compact surface-mounted module for multi-channel...

new Radiocrafts 2400.0 - 2483.0 MHz | RC2500HP-RC232
Multichannel 2400.0 - 2483.0 MHz | RC2500HP-RC232 Radiocrafts

The RC2500HP RF Transceiver Module is a compact surface-mounted module for multichannel...

new Radiocrafts 868 - 870 MHz | RC1160-MBUS3
868 - 870 MHz | RC1160-MBUS3 Radiocrafts

The RX11X0-MBUS RF Transceiver Module is a compact surface-mounted high performance module with embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol. This data sheet applies for the non- European version of the Wireless...

Radiocrafts 433.05 - 434.79 MHz | RC1040
Multichannel 433.05 - 434.79 MHz | RC1040 Radiocrafts

The RC10xx RF Transceiver Modules are compact surface-mounted modules for wide band FSK...

TECNOALARM FRANCE 433 - 868 Mhz | RTX200/433868
433 - 868 Mhz | RTX200/433868 TECNOALARM FRANCE

Connection via RS485 serial bus Dualband frequency : 433/868 Mhz Anti-opening...

Schildknecht AG  DATAEAGLE 1000 family
DATAEAGLE 1000 family Schildknecht AG

DATAEAGLE 1000 is intended as a cable replacement for serial interfaces (RS232, RS485, TTY). DATAEAGLE receives the...

Schildknecht AG  DATAEAGLE 2000 family
DATAEAGLE 2000 family Schildknecht AG

You should use DATAEAGLE 2000 in case of PLC connections by radio link. DATAEAGLE controls the communication to the PLC and the data transfer...

Schildknecht AG  DATAEAGLE 3000 family
DATAEAGLE 3000 family Schildknecht AG

DATAEAGLE is a label of Schildknecht AG. DATAEAGLE 3000 family is a real transparent wireless profibus communication system and includes a lot of...

Schildknecht AG  DATAEAGLE 4000 family
DATAEAGLE 4000 family Schildknecht AG

With DATAEAGLE 4000 there can be realized transparent Ethernet - Ethernet TCP/IP connections with 10Mbit. Therefore...

Schildknecht AG  DATAEAGLE 5000 family
DATAEAGLE 5000 family Schildknecht AG

DATAEAGLE 5000 is a special version to produce a transparent point-to-point connection with a Siemenes S7 MPI interface. Opposed to our DE 2000 with MPI interface, the MPI interace of DE 5000 is completely...

Schildknecht AG  WOPY 1000
Mobile WOPY 1000 Schildknecht AG

WOPY stands for Wireless Operatorpanel, our mobile...

1 products SATEL
SATEL 403 - 473 MHz, 19 200 bps | SATELLINE-M3-R3
UHF module 403 - 473 MHz, 19 200 bps | SATELLINE-M3-R3 SATEL

SATELLINE-M3-R3 is a UHF data receiver module in a lightweight single PCB structure. It is designed to be integrated into a host device, for instance land surveying...

HETRONIC Germany GmbH 450 ms, -25 - 70 °C | MFSHL AC8/AC16
450 ms, -25 - 70 °C | MFSHL AC8/AC16 HETRONIC Germany GmbH

RX MFSHL receivers are compact, light-weight, versatile, and come equipped with up to 16...

HETRONIC Germany GmbH IP65 | RX Modular (MOD)
Modular IP65 | RX Modular (MOD) HETRONIC Germany GmbH

The RX MOD is a modularly expandable receiver and has been the HETRONIC flagship model for 30 years. The...

7 products MOTOROLA

An economical solution for organisations with a mobile workforce, the easy-to-use GM140 offers fundamental functionality to ensure efficient and effective communications...


A simple and effective two-way radio for vehicle-based staff, the GM340 can easily increase productivity by keeping users in contact with base and the team. Easy-to-use with...


A versatile solution for organisations with a mobile workforce, the easy-to-use GM360 offers a comprehensive set of features that can be easily customised to reflect the communications needs of a growing...


A sophisticated tool for professionals who demand more from their communications solutions, the GM380 offers a wide range of features designed to...


A popular radio for professionals who need to stay in contact, the GM640 is push-button simple to use allowing the mobile workforce to keep their mind on...

Shoulder Electronics RCT03CC series
UHF module RCT03CC series Shoulder Electronics

RCT03CC1101 is an FSK Transceiver module. The RCT03CC1101 is a true single-chip UHF transceiver, It base on 3 wire digital serial...

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