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1 products NEDERMAN
NEDERMAN max. 1200 N/mm³ | KB series
Single max. 1200 N/mm³ | KB series NEDERMAN

Crushes long swarf and turnings into short chips to save transportation costs and to allow further processing. Nederman KB 10-49 vertical metal chip crushers crush and break bushy swarf in the swarf hopper....


A BuPower® Turnings Crusher by BuTech® is an investment, which makes it worthwhile for many years! BuPower® Turnings crusher series, can crush the material easily with...


Single-roll crushers crush the sinter received directly from sintering machines. Crushers consist of a body, a pull-out...

POITTEMILL / FORPLEX max. 200 t/h | BC
Double max. 200 t/h | BC POITTEMILL / FORPLEX

Compression grinding which makes it possible to reduce the filler production rate. Particularly economical process...

Befestigungstechnik WSB
Double WSB Händle Befestigungstechnik

For eliminating hard foreign matter in pit material containing...

2 products Essa Australia
Essa Australia 300 rpm | RC3000
300 rpm | RC3000 Essa Australia

A dependable and sturdy mid-range secondary crusher designed for rapid, controlled size reduction of various sample types. The RC3000 is the larger of the two Essa model rolls crushers and can be configured...

Essa Australia 380 rpm | RC2000
380 rpm | RC2000 Essa Australia

A rugged, low maintenance mid-range secondary crusher designed for rapid, controlled size reduction of various sample types. The RC2000 is the smaller of the two Essa model rolls crushers and is...

1 products Glen Creston
Fagor Arrasate S.Coop. 2 000 m/min
Rolling mill 2 000 m/min Fagor Arrasate S.Coop.

FAGOR reversible rolling mills represent a range of very cost-effective and compact models that are capable of production of up to 500,000 t/year. These models feature computer controlled...

4 products CAT
video CAT GPO
Rolling mill GPO CAT

We design and produce gearboxes and...

Hot rolling mill line AGMA - DIN CAT

CAT’S shears are designed according to AGMA or DIN standards, using the most advanced calculation and drawing systems, developed inside our company. We can design...

CAT pinch roll
Hot rolling mill line pinch roll CAT

The supply of the pinch rolls and of the tail brakers includes the following components: Repeater gearbox Pinch roll with spheroid cast iron rolls Two universal shafts with relevant...

1 products DR. COLLIN
Laboratory rolling mill W 100 T DR. COLLIN

Bench-top roll mills are designed for testing small batches. The primary users...

5 products Fives DMS
Fives DMS 20
Cold rolling mill 20 Fives DMS

Fives is recognized as one of the top designer and manufacturer of cold rolling mills in terms...

Fives DMS
Cold rolling mill Fives DMS

Lubricant cooling and filtration During the rolling process, work rolls penetrate the steel strip and significantly heat up the strip and the rolls, which produces small iron particles that is drawn off...

Fives DMS Hi series
Cold rolling mill Hi series Fives DMS

A full line of skin pass mills Fives provides skin pass mills for any application and all types of...

Fives DMS
Rolling mill Fives DMS

Multi-roll wiping system There is a multi-roll wiping system on either side of the mill....

Fives DMS 2 790 mm
Rolling mill 2 790 mm Fives DMS

Close-coupled mill duty squaring guides and flattener with back-up rolls are...

2 products Butech Bliss
video Butech Bliss
Hot rolling mill line Butech Bliss

When it’s time to modernize a hot mill, customers around the world trust Butech Bliss. From adding a Downcoiler for processing heavy-gauge...

Butech Bliss
Cold rolling mill line Butech Bliss

The modern strip mill began with Bliss and it continues today. From a new single stand reversing cold mill to a complete revamp of a multi-stand mill, Butech Bliss delivers. We specialize in the evaluation...

1 products SMS MEER
Rolling mill SMS MEER

SMS Meer Assel mills are particularly suitable for producing medium and thick-walled seamless tubes where the requirements in terms of tube quality and dimensional accuracy are high. For this reason,...

2 products Granlund
Granlund KOR 8/12/10
Rolling mill KOR 8/12/10 Granlund

GRANLUND reducing rolling mills are specially designed to reduce round, metal sheated tubalar elements....

Granlund KOR-108
Rolling mill KOR-108 Granlund

GRANLUND reducing mill type KOR-108 has steplessy controlled rolling speed between 10-50 m/min, usin only one AC-motor. New gearboxes provide...

BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau
Rolling mill BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau

We cover a strip thickness range from approx. 0.05 mm through 16 mm, strip width up to approx. 2,300...

3 products Yoder
Yoder ø 203 - 660 mm
Rolling mill ø 203 - 660 mm Yoder

The Yoder Universal Cage Forming System, originated and patented by Yoder, is based on sound mathematics and unique concepts. This method becomes more desirable and essential as the ratio of the pipe...

Yoder max. 200 fpm
Hot rolling mill line max. 200 fpm Yoder

The Yoder Hot Sizer consists of multiple stands to reduce and re-round API pipe which has been immediately heat treated. The Hot...

Yoder min. 500 fpm
Cold rolling mill line min. 500 fpm Yoder

In response to the increasing world wide demand for small diameter (i.e., 0.188" to 0.375" OD) steel tube for both refrigeration and automotive purposes, Yoder located...

Meccanica Addafer 1.5 - 4 mm
Rolling mill 1.5 - 4 mm Meccanica Addafer

Line main technical data: -...

Battaggion S.p.A. MCC 110x300
Laboratory rolling mill MCC 110x300 Battaggion S.p.A.

Special model supplied with two inverters...

Battaggion S.p.A. RI 60
Laboratory rolling mill RI 60 Battaggion S.p.A.

Three Roll Mill with cylinder dimensions 300 x 600 mm. Automated hydraulic...

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