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6 products GEA Wiegand
GEA Wiegand 14 900 m³/h, max. 1 300 °C
Chemical 14 900 m³/h, max. 1 300 °C GEA Wiegand

Waste from chemical processes and production plants and also sewage sludge is often disposed of through...

GEA Wiegand
Jet wet srcubbing GEA Wiegand

GEA Wiegand jet scrubbing plants are perfectly suited to the cleaning of exhaust air from chemical reaction processes, production buildings, container de-aeration, tank wagon emptying. As with...

GEA Wiegand
Venturi wet srcubbing GEA Wiegand

Venturi scrubbers are high efficiency scrubbers for fine dusts and aerosols. Fine dusts and aerosols are solid particles or liquid droplets whose size is 1µm or less. The excellent separation efficiency...

GEA Wiegand 2 000 m³/h
Jet wet srcubbing 2 000 m³/h GEA Wiegand

Compact gas scrubbers consist of a jet scrubber and an absorption column which is arranged downstream. They operate according to the ejector principle and do not generate any pressure loss in the gas...

GEA Wiegand max. 1 300 °C
Jet wet srcubbing max. 1 300 °C GEA Wiegand

Jet scrubbers are like spray coolers and are therefore particularly suited to applications where large quantities of hot, dust-laden...

GEA Wiegand 50 - 1 000 kg
Chemical 50 - 1 000 kg GEA Wiegand

In order to prevent accidents caused by es - capes of chlorine from leaking storage con - tainers or dosing plants, GEA Wiegand have developed chlorine emergency units, which operate according to the...

Evoqua Water Technologies 1 000 - 67 000 cfm
Packed bed wet srcubbing 1 000 - 67 000 cfm Evoqua Water Technologies

Conventional packed tower wet scrubber systems can handle very large air volumes - up to...

CTP Air Pollution Control WetSorb
Packed bed wet srcubbing WetSorb CTP Air Pollution Control

Due to oxidation of for example halogenated hydrocarbons, inorganic pollutants emerge....

1 products IMFluino
Packed bed wet srcubbing IMFluino

Wet absorption scrubbers...

LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH
Crossflow wet srcubbing LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH

Possible constructions are available: •...

DMT Environmental Technology
Chemical DMT Environmental Technology

Requirements of air emission are more and more strict. The most common techniques for removing pollutants out of the air are: biofilter, biotrickling filter, activated carbon and chemical...

4 products MEGTEC Systems
MEGTEC Systems
Biological MEGTEC Systems

The MEGTEC Bioscrubber is highly effective for a variety of mixed solvent abatement applications. In applications involving relatively water soluable solvents (such as alcohols, esters, ketones aldehydes...

MEGTEC Systems TurboVenturi
Venturi wet srcubbing TurboVenturi MEGTEC Systems

The TurboVenturi scrubber provides high-efficiency removal of particulates with virtually no maintenance. Particulate removal efficiency can be optimized by adjusting...

MEGTEC Systems Turbotak
Spray wet srcubbing Turbotak MEGTEC Systems

For gas streams containing acid gas and particulate, the Turbotak Wet Scrubber, which uses Turbotak Atomizing Nozzles,...

MEGTEC Systems
Spray dry srcubbing MEGTEC Systems

MEGTEC TurboSonics TurboSorb Spray Dryer Absorbing (SDA) scrubbing process will reduce SO2, SO3, HCl and HF acid gases by the injection of alkali based slurries, most commonly calcium based, lime slurry....

1 products Keppel Seghers
Keppel Seghers
Spray dry srcubbing Keppel Seghers

Our dry scrubbing system is a highly flexible system for the removal of acid components, metals and dioxins from flue...

15 products bionomicind
bionomicind 50 - 300 000 cfm | 5000 series
Countercurrent wet srcubbing 50 - 300 000 cfm | 5000 series bionomicind

This scrubber design series can achieve removal efficiencies of over 99.9% on most gaseous contaminants at energy saving low pressure...

bionomicind 500 - 50 000 cfm | 5500 series
Crossflow 500 - 50 000 cfm | 5500 series bionomicind

The Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber is the type to consider when less then 99% removal efficiency is acceptable...

bionomicind 1 000 - 150 000 cfm | 6000 series
Packed bed wet srcubbing 1 000 - 150 000 cfm | 6000 series bionomicind

Extremely versatile scrubber series utilizes our special high performance sieve, valve or bubble cap tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve...

bionomicind 5 - 80 000 cfm | 6500 series
Jet wet srcubbing 5 - 80 000 cfm | 6500 series bionomicind

The ideal scrubber selection for low to moderate gas volumes when gaseous and or particulate contaminant removal is required. The Series 6500 Jet Scrubber creates its own draft to eliminate...

bionomicind 500 - 460 000 cfm | 7000/8000 series
Venturi wet srcubbing 500 - 460 000 cfm | 7000/8000 series bionomicind

The extremely efficient gas atomized Series 7000 and 8000 Venturi Scrubbers are the best choice for applications requiring the removal of smaller micron and submicron size particulate down to 0.2 microns...

bionomicind 1 500 - 70 000 cfm | 9000 series
Spray wet srcubbing 1 500 - 70 000 cfm | 9000 series bionomicind

A major advancement in cyclonic scrubber technology, the Series 9000 Mist | Preformed Spray Scrubber is capable of outperforming venturi scrubbers on an energy cost basis for collection of particulate...

3 products SLY inc
SLY inc max. 200 000 cfm | Impinjet®
Jet wet srcubbing max. 200 000 cfm | Impinjet® SLY inc

Sly Impingement Wet Gas Scrubbers collect particulates, and absorb vapors and gases. High collection efficiencies (98+% @5 microns) are achieved with low water...

SLY inc max. 100 000 cfm
Venturi wet srcubbing max. 100 000 cfm SLY inc

The Sly Venturi scrubber efficiently collects fine particulate and mists. Scrubbing liquid is atomized into fine droplets which entrap particles. Adjustable...

SLY inc max. 10 000 cfm
Venturi wet srcubbing max. 10 000 cfm SLY inc

Eductor scrubbers are designed to remove soluble gases and particulate by inducing a gas flow using high pressure liquid focused into a venturi throat....

Jet wet srcubbing ANA-Verfahrenstechnik

Design and principle of operation Gas scrubbers operate like jet pumps. They are designed in a way, that at low pressure differences the gas to treat is mixed with the scrubbing liquid turbulently...

Koerting Hannover AG
Chemical Koerting Hannover AG

For many decades now Körting gas scrubbing plants have distinguished themselves in diverse branches of industrial exploitation with great success. The principle components...

Koerting Hannover AG
Jet wet srcubbing Koerting Hannover AG

Exhaust air is accelerated by means of impulse exchange with t he motive-/rinsing liquid. This suction effect...

Koerting Hannover AG
Venturi dry srcrubbing Koerting Hannover AG

The Venturi scrubber is utilised to separate dusts and hazes with particle sizes of less than 3 µm. Amongst other things, dedusting is dependent on: particle...

1 products LESNI A/S
Jet wet srcubbing LESNI A/S

LESNI designs and supplies a range of wet scrubbers for waste gas treatment, process gas release, vacuum processes,...

Schutte & Koerting
Venturi wet srcubbing Schutte & Koerting

Fig. 7010 Ejector Venturi Gas Scrubbers are very effective at removing noxious gases, particulates, odors, fumes and dusts from gas streams. Particulate contaminants are removed through impaction by the...

Schutte & Koerting
Packed bed wet srcubbing Schutte & Koerting

Fig. 7055 Packed Tower Gas Scrubbers are low-energy gas scrubbers. They are used for gas absorption, cooling, and recovery. Because of their high scrubbing efficiency and low power consumption, they are...

AAF International APC KinPactor
Venturi wet srcubbing APC KinPactor AAF International

The KinPactor utilizes kinetic energy to accomplish dust collection through the principle of impaction. The contaminated gas stream is accelerated through a venturi shaped throat section reaching velocities...

AAF International
Deep bed dry srcubbing AAF International

SAAF Deep Bed Scrubbers are used in mission-critical and industrial applications around the world. Suitable for the most challenging applications where heavy particulate and Airborne Molecular Contaminant...

AAF International PORTA
Portable packed bed dry srcubbing PORTA AAF International

The SAAF PORTA-Scrubber is an economical, yet heavy-duty, quick fix for removal of high concentrations of gaseous contaminants from low volume airflows. This portable scrubber is effective within a wide...

Keller Lufttechnik GmbH   Co.KG 2 500 - 28 000 m³/h
Venturi wet srcubbing 2 500 - 28 000 m³/h Keller Lufttechnik GmbH Co.KG

The venturi wet scrubber models are geared toward the separation of substances that cannot normally be separated or are difficult to separate in dry...

AIREX Industries Wetrex series
Venturi wet srcubbing Wetrex series AIREX Industries

This wet scrubber is best used in highly explosive and reactive dust as well as oil mist applications. This unit effectively...

Monroe Environmental Corporation 10 - 75 000 CFM
Packed bed wet srcubbing 10 - 75 000 CFM Monroe Environmental Corporation

Monroe Environmental is a single source solution for highly durable and efficient Packed Bed Scrubbers. A Packed Bed Scrubber...

Monroe Environmental Corporation 500 - 50 000 CFM
Venturi wet srcubbing 500 - 50 000 CFM Monroe Environmental Corporation

Monroe Venturi Air Scrubbers are designed to remove both heavy and light airborne particulate matter from exhaust systems, as well as flue and process gasses. Venturi Scrubbers bring particulate-laden...

Monroe Environmental Corporation max. 20 000 CFM
Two stage spray wet srcubbing max. 20 000 CFM Monroe Environmental Corporation

Monroe Environmental can provide complete multi-stage air scrubbing systems for...

1 products A.D. Envirotec
1 products Airprotech
Venturi wet srcubbing Airprotech

The types are: Venturi scrubbers...

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