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smart camera - 1 - 1.4 MPixel, 1 - 1.2 GHz | VisionCam PS series

Anew definition of an Intelligent Camera: due to the features of VisionCam PS, many different applications are possible. The area scan camera (1 MPixel) produces high-quality images. Because the camera has a dynamic of 120dB and uses Photonfocus LinLog technology, images cannot be ruined by reflections.

Via multiple areas of interest, basic image information can be used for calculations....

smart camera - CURRERA-R Series

In detail: it is an Machine Vision Camera integrated with standard, INTEL CPU based Personal Computer (PC) in single very compact IP67 class housing. Despite it small size it is complete Vision System just like the usual Camera bundled with separate PC or Compact Vision System. You can connect all PC standard peripheries: Display, Keyboard...

smart camera - CVS1 series

Smart camera for machine vision are vision systems that extracts...

smart camera / 3-D - 752 × 480 pixels, FPGA | Cameleon

Cameleon is fast-adaptive, has flexible imaging and stereoscopic view.

Cameleon is flexible imaging platform based on Spartan-3E FPGA and USB communication. It offers simple entry point to FPGA imaging. The FPGA can be used for real-time high-speed image processing.

The package includes the FPGA reference design and PC software with source code. Examples in C#, MatLab and Xilinx...

smart camera / 3-D - Chameleon 360° AOI

Maximum fault detection independent from the PCB layout and assembly situation due to powerful 360° angled-view inspection.

- Quality increase also for smallest batches
- No masking...

smart camera - 752 x 480 pix, 60 fps | M0 Plus

All-in-one and easy-to-use vision system.
Flexible solution to perform quality inspections, dimensional measurements, 1D/2D barcode reading, OCR/OCV, packaging verification, pattern matching and color analysis.

smart camera - max. 1024 x 768 pix | M0-XP

Powerful image processing: Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz processor & Altera Arria II GX FPGA for real-time functions.
Progressive scan mono and color CCD sensors with resolutions of 640×480 or 1024×768 pixels
Windows or Linux operating...

smart camera - 4.2 Mpix, 170 fps | M9

Powerful system: Dual-core 1.2 GHz ARM CPU and Altera Arria GX FPGA for image pre-processing and execution of critical real-time functions.
High-resolution: 4.2 Megapixels global shutter CMOS image sensor.

smart camera - 2056 x 1544 pixels, 13 fps | VRmDC-8/C OEM

Programmable camera with Linux operating system
300 MHz ARM9 processor, 600 MHz C64x+ DSP with 4800 MIPs
256 MB RAM, 512 MB flash memory
UBIFS file system
Preconfigured toolchain with cross compiler for Windows and Linux

smart camera - 1288 x 1032 pixels, 30 fps | VRmDC-9/BW PRO

Programmable camera with Linux operating system
300 MHz ARM9 processor, 600 MHz C64x+ DSP with 4800 MIPs
256 MB RAM, 512 MB flash memory
UBIFS file system
Preconfigured toolchain with cross compiler for Windows...

smart camera - 8 - 16 mm, RS 232 | LSIS 412i / 462i series

Housed in metal and Diecast aluminum, the LEUZE LSIS smart camera is dependably high-performing...

smart camera - IVC-2D series

At a glance, the IVC-2D series is suited to advanced measurements and inspection. It has a flexible field of view and working distance. Users don't need a PC to make it work as it has a standalone operation. It has an IP 65 rating...

smart camera / 3-D - IVC-3D series

SICK's brand new line of IVC flexible, high-performance, smart cameras are equipped with a very user-friendly graphical...

smart camera - B50M series

Smart Cameras

The weQube is based on the wenglor MultiCore technology and combines image processing functions with 1D-/2D...

smart camera - B50M series

Intelligent cameras contain the interfaces and the image processing unit in the camera housing. Thus the user does not need a PC for operation. In addition to the camera systems we provide several software versions, that will be configurated according to your specific requirements on request. We realise simple camera systems...

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