water analyzer / temperature / for integration
water analyzer

AH-1 analyzer is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of total content of calcium and magnesium salts (total hardness) in water. Analyzer performs automatic monitoring of water stream for technological ...

oil analyzer / water / temperature / for integration
oil analyzer

... hydraulic system of the analyzer in case of contamination; Programmable sample intake rate. Application examples: Environmental monitoring: Manufacturing waste water monitoring; Drain water monitoring ...

monitoring gas emission analyzer / exhaust gas / hydrocarbon gas / carbon monoxide
monitoring gas emission analyzer
GreenLine 8000

... lengths, shapes and maximum operating temperatures, in order to meet all the requirements of various applications. An optional heated industrial gas probe with heated hose is recommended for long-term high temperature ...

flue gas analyzer / hydrocarbon gas / carbon monoxide / water
flue gas analyzer
GreenLine 6000

... heated hose is recommended for long-term high temperature measurements to dry the flue gas and avoid dilution of NO2 and SO2. A sintered pre‐filter is suggested for severe and heavy applications. The gas analyzer ...

flue gas analyzer / carbon monoxide / nitrogen monoxide / sulfur dioxide
flue gas analyzer
UniGas 3000

Unigas 3000+ is an advanced flue gas analyzer for up to 4 gases: O2, CO, NO & NO2 or SO2 with electrochemical sensors, plus CO2 and NOx calculated. This gas analyzer provides data for up to 10 fuels ...

DC electrical network analyzer / temperature / power / voltage
DC electrical network analyzer
PROVA 1011

... I-V cu rve test fo r PV system. • Max. PV system power (Pmax) search by Auto-scan: 1000V, 12A (12000W capability). • The analyzer and the Remote Solar Detector is connected by Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth ...

gas analyzer / temperature / benchtop
gas analyzer

... used from small vessels (500mL) up to big lab fermenters. Data is recorded consistently. Using date from the integrated temperature measurement BacVis or BlueVis calculate the standard volume automatically. Sensors measure ...

hydrocarbon analyzer / lubricant / asphalt / liquid
hydrocarbon analyzer

THERMOSET-CF THE ALL-IN-ONE HEAVY-DUTY VISCOSITY ANALYZER AT REFERENCE TEMPERATURE The most cost effective online viscosity at reference temperature analyzer. With ...

air analyzer / flow / temperature / pressure
air analyzer
S 551

Portable data logger S 551 is a flexible measurement instrument and data recorder for the compressed air professional. It records current consumption, pressure, flow and dew point of a compressed air system. The internal memory for data ...

organic matter analyzer / temperature / benchtop / high-temperature
organic matter analyzer

The EA - CS - 8620, manufactured by Lab Kits®, is an arc infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer that utilizes the WI-H85 stainless steel high-temperature tubular combustion furnace combined. Its carbon ...

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U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited
coal analyzer / temperature / benchtop / thermogravimetric
coal analyzer

... carbon and hydrogen in the samples. Through the three temperature grade, double furnace configuration the instrument can work in parallel , and hence to reduce the testing time and the constant temperature ...

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U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited
sulfur analyzer / oil / temperature / benchtop
sulfur analyzer

... intensity ratio analysis methods which allows it to make correction to temperature and pressure automatically and provide proper carbon to hydrogen ratio. Furthermore, the analyzer also has a self-diagnostic ...

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U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited
oxygen analyzer / CO / CH4 / flue gas
oxygen analyzer
LaserGas™ iQ2

NEO Monitors LaserGas™ iQ2 analyzer is the first to measure up to four gases (O2, CO, CH4, H2O)* and temperature depending on configuration, which eliminates the need for multiple units for combustion ...

ion concentration analyzer / air / temperature / pH
ion concentration analyzer
Ion 6+

... prices Works with almost all ion selective electrodes with BNC connectors Reads ion concentration (ppm) pH, mV, and temperature Preprogrammed ion calibration points let even beginners take readings in minutes ...

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water analyzer / food / ion concentration / temperature
water analyzer
ION 2700

... stability indication. All measurements include temperature display. The meter includes auto-buffer recognition for both USA and NIST pH buffer sets, automatic or manual temperature compensation, temperature ...

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water analyzer / conductivity / temperature / portable
water analyzer
CON 6+

Features five measuring ranges—up to 200.0 mS High accuracy in changing temperature conditions Temperature readout and automatic temperature compensation (ATC) Calibrate the ...

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liquid analyzer / TDS / salinity / temperature
liquid analyzer
MXD70 Series

IP66 Panel or surface mounting multi-parameter instrument, up to 3 measurement channels plus temperature, Electrodeless or Inductive conductivity, pH, Redox (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids / Turbidity. Plug ...

exhaust gas analyzer / gas / temperature / portable
exhaust gas analyzer
Chemist 600

Chemist 600 are portable emissions and combustion analyzers with two main features: -From 1 up to 6 single gas measuring cells -Same housing, LCD and keypad as Chemist 500 -15 single gas cells ...

gas analyzer / oxygen / concentration / temperature
gas analyzer

The M7873 is manufactured by Adev. It is a Zirconia flue gas oxygen analyzer (O2), with a temperature range from 0 to 800°C. This gas analyzer is designed for the analysis of combustion ...

carbon analyzer / temperature / for integration / in situ
carbon analyzer

The ZCS3 Series of Furnace Atmosphere Analyzer, manufactured by Adev, is specifically designed for carbon potential calculation and Oxi-reducing potential measure in the heat treatment atmospheres. This device can provide ...

carbon analyzer / temperature / for integration
carbon analyzer

The Zirconia in situ model ZCS4 is a high temperature analyser that is designed specifically for carbon potential calculation along with Oxi reducing potential measurement in heat treatment atmospheres. ...

oxygen analyzer / carbon monoxide / process gas / sulfur dioxide
oxygen analyzer

... interference ■Fast response less than one second ■Diverse optical length (0.5~20m) ■Reliable in all harsh conditions: high temperature & pressure, dust density, moisture and corrosion ■Online calibration, no zero ...

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Focused Photonics Inc.
oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / gas / temperature
oxygen analyzer

... ■Fast response ■High accuracy, ppm level resolution ■No cross interference ■Reliable in all harsh conditions: high temperature & pressure, dust density, moisture and corrosion ■Online calibration, no zero drift ■International ...

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Focused Photonics Inc.
ozone analyzer / gas / temperature / for integration
ozone analyzer

Ozone Analyzer FPI AQMS-300 Ozone (O3) analyzer measures ambient O3 concentration in ppb level by utilizing UV photometric absorption technology. Key Features Accurate direct UV absorption with reference ...

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Focused Photonics Inc.
oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / flue gas / carbon monoxide
oxygen analyzer

EM-5P portable flue gas analyzer is developed on UV DOAS (Ultra Violet Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) technology. It can be used to monitor SO2, NO, O2 and other gas in flue gas. The detection low limit ...

air analyzer / nitrogen dioxide / aerosol particle / temperature
air analyzer

... extinction analyzer product for domestic and overseas environmental and meteorological online monitoring and industry online analysis. The analyzer is able to measure aerosol extinction coefficient, ...

air analyzer / dust / temperature / pressure
air analyzer

... Range: 0.01mg/m3~10mg/m3 4. Particles Resolution: 0.01mg / m3 5. Winds Range: 0 ~ 50m/s 6. Humidity Range: 0 ~ 100% RH 7. Temperature Range: -50℃~ + 100℃ 8. Camera Resolution: 1280 × 960 9. Camera Enclosure Rating: ...

food analyzer / oxygen / temperature / pressure
food analyzer

... designed according to wireless technology. This enables the user to monitor real-time both oxygen concentration, pressure, temperature and the relative humidity, within a closed container. The information can also be ...

phosphorus analyzer / temperature / in situ / online
phosphorus analyzer
TresCon® OP 510

... compounds are oxidized under acidic conditions. The speed of this process is increased by overpressure and an elevated temperature to achieve very quick digestion times. The molybdenum blue method is used for subsequent ...

thermogravimetric analyzer / organic matter / temperature / benchtop
thermogravimetric analyzer
25 - 1 600 °C | LABSYS evo series

... or 1600°C LABSYS evo is a user friendly, robust and highly powerful thermal analysis platform. HIGHLIGHTS include: • A comprehensive line of thermal analyzers with two temperature ...

alloy analyzer / temperature / benchtop / continuous
alloy analyzer
max. 2 000 °C, 220 - 550 µl | 96 Line series

... sample mass, high sample mass is required to accurately determine heat capacity; analysis may need constant or variable temperature, the crucible may be used open or close. To satisfy diverse needs, two types of sensor ...

process gas analyzer / nitrogen oxide / nitrogen / sulfur dioxide
process gas analyzer
DGA-X [NOx, SO2, NH3]

1. Description Multi gas analyzer by UV DOAS principle. Applied to process application such as SCR/SNCR/FGD especially when it comes to serious dust and soot and ash ambient condition by fossil fuel. -DGA-X, multi gas ...

carbon dioxide analyzer / carbon monoxide / process gas / flue gas
carbon dioxide analyzer
RGA-60 [CO, CO2]

1. Description Accurate measurements by Infra red light source in harsh process condition such as High temperature and pressure. Especially applied to SCR inlet side for combustion efficiency control for CO, CO2 concentration ...

flue gas analyzer / oxygen / stack gas / exhaust gas
flue gas analyzer
GGA-70-1 [O2]

1. Description GGA-70 is available to stable measurement of O2 concentration even at high ambient temperature by using the zirconia sensor. Applied to SCR/SNCR/FGD/Stack application. 2. Specification -Principle: ...

soil analyzer / temperature / water content / portable
soil analyzer

Temperature integrated with soil moisture The 5TM delivers temperature, measured by an onboard thermistor, along with accurate volumetric water content. Engineered for accuracy The 5TM determines ...

gas analyzer / oxygen / temperature / pressure
gas analyzer
BA 3

The BA 3 select by Buhler is a multi-channel gas analyzer, suitable for 19" rack-mounting. The unit's modular design offers configurations from simple oxygen up to multi-component instruments. It can measure up to ...

gas analyzer / temperature / benchtop / thermomechanical
gas analyzer
DTA PT1600

The DTA PT1600 Series , manufactured by Linseis®, is a high temperature differential thermal analysis constructed to provide immense sensitivity of calorimetric, a constant short time and a free sample ...

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Linseis Thermal Analysis
solids analyzer / temperature / benchtop / thermomechanical
solids analyzer
TMA PT1000

The LINSEIS TMA PT1000 Thermomechanical Analyzer is designed with reproducibility, accuracy and high-precision in mind. This system meets all TMA/DTMA requirements and is capable of performing a range of thermomechanical ...

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Linseis Thermal Analysis
solids analyzer / temperature / benchtop / thermomechanical
solids analyzer
TMA PT1600

... 1600 is a Thermomechanical analyzer manufactured by Linseis. This device is crafted to perform a wide array of Thermomechanical experiments from shapes, sizes and temperature. In constant load it can ...

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Linseis Thermal Analysis
gas analyzer / temperature / pressure / in situ
gas analyzer
GM32 series

The GM32 in-situ gas analyzer is capable of measuring SO2, NO, NO2 and NH3 and also TRS components in Kraft pulp processes. It can also successfully measure pressure and temperature in the gas duct. It ...

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gas analyzer / temperature / benchtop / thermogravimetric
gas analyzer
TGA 4000

The TGA 4000 is designed with a compact ceramic furnace, which provides the temperature control you need for accurate results. Its rugged design is also corrosion resistant for the applications flexibility you need today ...

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water analyzer / oxygen / temperature / for integration
water analyzer

... critical situations thus allowing faster results and lessen downtimes. Best performs under stable pressures, flows and temperatures.

oxygen analyzer / gas / temperature / for integration
oxygen analyzer
OCX 8800

The OCX 8800 is widely recognized for having the time-tested and renowned zirconium oxide sensor. This high quality sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement which guarantees its exceptional accuracy. One great thing about this is ...

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