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turbo-generator - 40 - 165 MW | TOPACK

The TOPACK turbogenerator for coal plants is built with performance and reliability in mind. Regardless of the operating conditions, this plug and play unit will meet anyone's...

turbo-generator - 90 - 400 MW | TOPAIR

The TOPAIR turbogenerator for coal plants from ALSTOM is a compact, cost-efficient, and reliable turbogenerator. It can fit into any existing arrangements...

turbo-generator - 250 - 710 MW | TOPGAS

This turbogenerator is hydrogen-cooled and promises exceptional performance at outputs that ranges from 300-710MW at 50Hz and 250-450MW at 60Hz. It works well in both simple and combined cycle plants...

2-pole turbo-generator - 340 - 1 400 MW | GIGATOP 2

The GIGATOP 2-pole turbogenerator from Alstom is a unit made with a water and hydrogen-cooled body and is useful for many steam turbine power plants. This is made with many quality features...

turbo-generator - 340 - 1 400 MW | GIGATOP 2

For your power requirements in the range of 400-1400 MW (50 Hz) or 340-1100 MW (60 Hz) get Alstom GIGATOP 2-pole. This equipment is suitable for nuclear power plants by dint of its...

turbo-generator - 20 - 350 MW


Air-cooled turbogenerators provide a modern, highly compact solution for:


turbo-generator - max. 600 MW



turbo-generator - 10 - 65 MVA, max. 15 kV | DG 4 Pole

• Simplyfoundation design.
• Minimum number of individual power station components.
• All generators are factory...

turbo-generator - 10 - 250 MVA, max. 20 kV | DAX 2 Pole


Simply foundation design.
Minimum number of individual power station components.
All generators are factory tested, reducing the on site testing and commissioning time.
Modular construction giving...

turbo-generator - 250 - 1100 MVA, 24 kV


Fully developed system readily adapted to any turbine design.
Fully compliant with the provisions of the relevant international standard specifications, including IEC and ANSI.

turbo-generator - BDAX 87-520ERH

BRUSH has successfully extended its DAX8 range to include the BDAX 87-520ERH, a turbogenerator suitable for both gas and steam turbine duty.

BRUSH is amongst a handful of companies in the world...

turbo-generator - max. 600 kW

The Syco Tec Turbo Generators are developed to make a way to give a marked reduction in overall losses at an exceptional degree of productivity. The turbo generators...

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