Umbilical cables

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Umbilical cable built with electrical components for power, video...

For one cable of 2 conductors 1 mm², offered in extra flexible plain copper, that is insulated in polyester assembled in short pitch under...

These conductors will function at temperatures ranging between -30 and 90 °C. Featuring...


Recently, level of different and complicated well repair is increased. Requirements for tools that used in these operations are constantly growing. A lot of technique...


Offshore is often used as a synonym for the future, a future that we have been working on for decades. NSW provides solutions for the special control and communications requirements...


Designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental
conditions in water depths as deep as 1,000 meters in
both static and dynamic applications, these umbilicals
comprise the following...

Submarine power-optical cables are used in the offshore industry in the following applications:

• Power distribution and two-way communication between
production units;
• Single/Dual...


Dragflow is a world leader in dreding system for high working...

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