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protective varnish / printed circuit - EP30-2

The Master Bond Polymer System EP30-2 is an epoxy resin material that works with a good bonding setup and works well for all sorts of technology needs. This polymer material is a low viscosity model that uses...

protective varnish / printed circuit - AFA

The AFA is an aromatic free acrylic coating that is best suited for LED applications due to its...

protective varnish / printed circuit - APL

The APL Acrylic Protective Lacquer is made in a transparent acrylic conformal for electronic circuity resistant. It is versatile...

protective varnish / printed circuit - HPA

The HPA is a PCB conformal coating varnish manufactured by ELECTROLUBE. The product is high performance acrylic conformal coating specifically...

protective varnish / printed circuit - TFA

The TFA, which is manufactured by Electrolube, is a versatile, minimized hazard, solvent-based, and clean acrylic conformal coating for securing electronic...

protective varnish / printed circuit - DCA

The specially designed and UL746 approved silicone conformal coating are used to protect the electronic circuitry. Its flexible, transparent and unique modified design has been formulated...

dielectric varnish / spray - AH 100

Fluid specifically developed for the maintenance and the maintenance of
electric materials. Multifunction, AH 100 ensures:
- The cleaning of the installations.
- A durable...

dielectric varnish / spray - AH 100

The LPKF ProMask/ProLegend is suitable for use in legend printing for PCBs. The unit is utilized for the addition...

high-temperature varnish - Pyromark®

Pyromark is a silicone-based coating that is specifically formulated for protecting, decorating...

dielectric varnish - ROYALAC 125

Air drying varnish for general repairs,...

dielectric varnish - ROYALAC 129

Air drying varnish for impregnation of motors,...

high-temperature varnish - max. 180 °C | ROYALAC 210 SR

Impregnation varnish with a silicon base for applications...

dielectric varnish - max. 155 °C | ANTIFLASH G-144

Protection and finish for all types of...

dielectric varnish / spray - ROYASPRAY

Colourless, quick...

blocking varnish - GREEN BLOC JELT

The Green Lock Jelt can lock systems with the use of nuts and bolts making them...

blocking varnish - JELT® BLOC JELT

Red locking varnish

For locking nut and bolt systems and making them tamperproof.

protective varnish / printed circuit - JELT® TROPICOAT

This insulating acrylic conformal coating is guaranteed to help boost the reliability of printed circuit boards. It has an unceasingly high performance rate and...

protective varnish / printed circuit - JELT® TROPICOAT

RED INSULATING VARNISH is an excellent coating to protect electrical equipment as it strongly adheres to metal and insulating components.

Features and Benefits :

Protects against...

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