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Built in air curtain
1 250 - 7 400 m³/h | RS series AIRTECNICS


  • Mounting:



High pressure for commercial and industrial doors, false ceiling invisible mounting
Self-suporting casing construction made of galvanized plated steel, ready to be installed in a false ceiling Inlet grille (aluminium profiled) and blow-out jet are integrated in a single aluminium frame, painted epoxy-polyester white colour RAL 9016 as standard. Other colours are available on request
Low noise centrifugal double inlet fans driven by an external rotor motor with built in thermal protection contact provided by five speed selection
P type includes water heated coil 80/60ºC or 60/40ºC. E type includes electrical shielded element, three power stages with power switches included. A type is without heating, air only
Anodised aluminium blow-out vanes, airfol shaped, adjustable from 0 to 15º each side
Control panel and remote control IR included. 7 m of telephonic cable with fast connectors type RJ45 (Plug & Play). Opcional: Interface to connect to BMS


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