Chamfering and deburring machine
KKF 3 Assfalg GmbH

Universal Chamfering and Deburring Machine for edges: KKE3

Deburring and chamfering of small and big work pieces from 1 mm
Processing internal and external of flat, round or angular shaped work pieces of different sizes also of sheet segments
Clean, burr-free and optical nice chamfers up to 5 mm x 45° in 1 cut
Universal for all materials and suitable for continuous operations

Mobile undercarriage

Sturdy sheet construction
Table top hardened and polished
Exact chamfer adjustment by micrometer
*NEW* Universal stable Ø 30mm ball bearing guide for chamfers up to 4x45° and radius chamfers
from r1 to r5
soft tapping milling cutter
The right material guarantees a high tool lifetime
Fast change of inserts and cutter
Chatterfree chamfering both in series and for single pieces

You can get the KKF 3 for a list price of 3.650 €

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