heating strip / ceramic
Bach Resistor Ceramics GmbH

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heating strip / ceramic heating strip / ceramic


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  • Material:


  • Maximum temperature:

    500 °C, 1,000 °C (932 °F)



Flat heating elements made of silicon nitride are normally rectangular. Various measurements and batch sizes up to our mold diameter of 400 mm can be produced. The special properties and the low mass of ceramic allow fast heating rates, a uniform temperature distribution and high control accuracy. Small heating elements can be operated with very high surface power at short cycle times. In comparison to metallic heaters the surface of ceramic stays very smooth due to its low thermal expansion even when operated with changes in temperature. The high strength of hot-pressed silicon nitride guarantees high stress resistance (e. g. with high pressure loads) and excellent wear resistance. We provide flat heating elements for operating in the air at temperatures up to 500 °C. Temperatures up to 1 000 °C (if required) could be achieved by developing specific technical solutions.