voltage calibrator / current / universal / load cell
TRANS CAL 7281 burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg



  • Measured physical value:

    voltage, current

  • Applications:

    universal, load cell, torque wrench

  • Options:

    portable, digital, high-precision, hand-held, hydraulic

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 5 V

    Max.: 10 V


Mobile high-precision calibrator and testing device for mechanical and electrical measurements
Device test, strain gauge simulator, sensor test, reference measurement chain

- Supported sensors: Strain gauge/normalized signal ± 5V, ± 10 V, potentiometric sensors
- Device test: Strain gauge simulator up to ± 50 mV/V
- Easy adjustment through burster TEDS
- Excellent linearity with non-linearity < ± 0.001 %
- Storage of up to 16 measurement programs
- Data logger for up to 30.000 measurements
- Factory calibration certificate and / or German accredited DKD / DakkS calibration certificate optionally available for the instrument / entire measurement chain

The multipurpose digital indicator TRANS CAL 7281 can be used wherever there is a need to perform high-precision, in-situ calibrations of sensing components used in equipment such as presses, torque tools or pressure-regulating systems. An optional factory calibration certificate or German-accredited DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate can be provided when the measurement device needs to be used as a reference. This provides a quick and cost-effective way of assessing a system with traceable documentation of measurement results.

If a reference measurement cannot be made because the sensor location is difficult to access, it is still possible to test the zero point, the input, output and isolation resistance as well as the calibrating offset of the fitted sensor. It is also possible to check the indicating device by measuring the excitation voltage and simulating the characteristic values (mV/V or V) of the sensor used.