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Compressed air lubricator
G3/8 - G1, min. 50 Nl/min | MX series CAMOZZI


  • Technology:

    for compressed air


The activated carbon filters from Camozzi with its modular construction and compact construction are ideal for removing impurities and contaminants. The filters with various ports, from the MX2 types G3/8, G1/2, G3/4 to the MX3 types G3/4, G1 can be mounted either vertically with clamps, in-line on the wall, or horizontally. Oil capacity for the MX2 is 118 cc, but 170 cc for MX3. Oil can be refilled while in use.
The operating temperature is -5°C to 50°C up to 16 bar, and from -5°C to 60°C at pressures up to 10 bar as long as the dew point of the fluid is less than 2°C at the minimum working temperature. Oil for lubrication is da 3°E to 10°E . The minimum air consumption for lubrication at 1 bar is 50 Nl/min while it is 95 Nl/min at 6 bar.


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