High-flow filters

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compressed air filter / basket / high-flow / high-efficiency
compressed air filter
Super Duty series

Filtration size: 5 µm

The ARO Super Duty Series Filter from Ingersoll Rand features high flow rates on a standard filter of 5 microns. Spare parts like 5 micron element, bowl kit, auto drain, ...

water filter / belt / high-throughput / horizontal
water filter

High-throughput dewatering and cake washing In the most challenging applications, for example chemicals or mining and minerals, reliable dewatering and product recovery is critical to maintaining continuous ...

compressed air filter / cartridge / compact / high-flow
compressed air filter
MX series

Filtration size: 25, 5 µm
Operating pressure: 300 mbar - 16,000 mbar

... Series MX filters use compressed air as fluid at an operating pressure of 0.3 to 16 bar (with automatic drain 1,5 to 12 bar). The modular/compact filters feature filtering element in ...

air filter / cartridge / fiberglass / wire mesh
air filter
FVU series

Filtration size: 50 µm - 80 µm
Operating pressure: 900 mbar
Flow rate: 350, 500, 150 l/min

... material: . High: nylon 6.6 . Tank: transparent polyamide Filtration: . Stainless steel grill: 50 microns . Polyethylene: 70 micron Temperature: 0 to 50°C Mounting Bracket For Vacuum Filter ...

liquid filter / water / strainer / self-cleaning
liquid filter
900 series

Filtration size: 25 µm
Flow rate: 200,000 l/h

Achieves flow rates of up to 200,000 l/hr (50,000 g/hr) The 900 series Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is our biggest industrial filter and although it is used within applications ...

liquid filter / hydraulic / wire mesh / high-flow
liquid filter

Filtration size: 20, 5, 10, 40 µm
Operating pressure: 2,100 bar

The Resato high-flow cup type high-pressure filters are suited for high pressure systems that require high flow ...

carbon steel filter / liquid / compressed air / cartridge
carbon steel filter
F 0460, F 3500

Filtration size: 0.01 µm - 1 µm
Operating pressure: 7 bar
Flow rate: 2,760 m³/h - 31,000 m³/h

The F 0005 - F 3500 series from OMI is a set of standard filters that are made from ceramic for durable operation. This series features properties that allow it to resist from abrasion and high temperatures, ...

air filter / drum / high-flow / rugged
air filter
FLT series

... inside the filter fitting covers, suitable for vacuum levels up to 18 inches of Hg. Their rugged steel constructions can be utilized for the filters and pumps. Optional casters (available upon request) ...

water filter / basket / high-efficiency / high-flow
water filter

Flow rate: 1,500 l/min

High-capacity system for filtering oil-polluted water. Flow rate 1500 litres/min. Environmental protection for electrical transformers. Filters that guarantee post-filter ...

water filter / cartridge / high-efficiency / high-performance
water filter

rainwater filter / cartridge / for transformers / high-efficiency
rainwater filter

Flow rate: 3, 100, 15, 1,500, 5 l/min

Filtering polluted water to hydrocarbons. Diesel, kerosene, jet, av gas, naphtha, petroleum, fuel, PAHs, aromatic, paraffin, alkane, di-ester... 3 functions to improve the efficiency of your retention bunds: ...

liquid filter / cartridge / pleated / high-efficiency
liquid filter
PES Filters

LPSD filter cartridges are characterized by a unique highly asymmetric, double-layer hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane, specially designed for extremely demanding of sterilizing filtration for vaccines. These filters ...

liquid filter / multi-bag / high-flow / stainless steel
liquid filter
BFM series

BFM Series Multi-bag Filter(BFM for Short) is particularly designed for high contaminant liquid and high flowrate. It is availabe from 2 to 12 bag housings size. BFM filter ...

air filter / basket / high-flow / intake
air filter
F-391-1800F - F-490-2400F

Filtration size: 2 µm - 5 µm
Flow rate: 13,600 m³/h

... continuous): min -15° F ( -26° C) max 220° F (104° C) Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O over initial delta P Low entry velocity air gap between base and cover Single barrel filter ...

air filter / multi-basket / high-flow / intake
air filter
F series

Filtration size: 2 µm - 5 µm
Flow rate: 42,500 m³/h

... efficiency standard Polyester: 5 microns, Paper: 2 microns Temp (continuous): min -15° F ( -26° C) max 220° F (104° C) Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O over initial delta P Corrosive resistant carbon ...

air filter / panel / compact / high-speed
air filter

Operating pressure: 90 Pa - 450 Pa

COMPACT CONSTRUCTION FOR LARGE VOLUME FLOW RATES Prefilters or final filters for the separation of fine dust, or particulate filters for the most critical requirements in ventilation ...

air filter / cartridge / high-flow / flange
air filter
CF series

A filter range to rely on The reliability of compressed air filtration is paramount to the ongoing fight against problems caused through contamination entering the air system. The CompAir filter range ...

air filter / panel / high-efficiency / high-flow
air filter
Absolute™ DE

Operating pressure: 250 Pa
Flow rate: 1,300 m³/h - 3,750 m³/h

High air flow applications Flexibility in size Individually tested Application HEPA-filter for high air flows Frame Galvanised steel Media ...

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hydraulic filter / cartridge / in-line / high-flow
hydraulic filter

Operating pressure: 10.3 bar
Flow rate: 1,135 l/min

... like deep pleat filters for higher dirt holding capacity and standard Donaldson DT 4-layer media filter construction. Features Reverse flow (inside to outside) filters ...

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high-flow filter / water / disc / modular
high-flow filter

Filtration size: 100, 130, 200 µm
Operating pressure: 10 bar
Flow rate: 5 m³/h - 25 m³/h

... range is based on low maintenance and optimum safety in filtration. New TWISTER system which helps to a water saving and filter long life. Optimization of the performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.

gas filter / strainer / high-flow / modular
gas filter

Filtration size: 0.003 µm
Flow rate: 100 l/min

High-precision, high-flow, all-metal filtration engineered specifically for Integrated Gas System (IGS) assemblies. Mott High Purity – who for years has provided porous ...

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air filter / panel / pleated / high-efficiency
air filter
VariCel® VXL series

... substantially more media to be contained in the VariCel VXL filter — up to 50% more than standard rigid cartridge filters. Maximum effective media area provides greater airflow capacity, low resistance, ...

air filter / panel / mini-pleat / high-flow
air filter

Flow rate: 750 m³/h - 4,250 m³/h

... ABSOLUTE FILTERS FOR DUCT FLOWS The mini-pleat absolute filters for duct flows are classified as HEPA efficiency H13-H14 and tested in accordance with EN1822/2009. They ...

compressed air filter / cartridge / high-flow / dry
compressed air filter
FSD series

Operating pressure: 0 psi - 232 psi

Super-Dry Water Separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air in three stages: (1) directional change, (2) velocity change and (3) centrifugal separation. ​ Excellent liquid ...

wastewater treatment filter / high-flow / modular / continuous
wastewater treatment filter
DynaSand® EcoWash®

The Parkson DynaSand® EcoWash® Filter is a unique system that filters liquid suspensions to the designed effluent quality, while at the same time cleaning the sand bed so the filter is ...

self-cleaning filter / water / basket / automatic
self-cleaning filter

Filtration size: 100 µm - 50,000 µm
Operating pressure: 0.3 bar - 25 bar
Flow rate: 8 m³/h - 9,000 m³/h

... working pressure as low as 0.3 bar and is characterized by extremely low pressure loss, simple, space saving, robust design with high performance and low weight. • Unique self cleaning function works from 0.1–25 bar • ...

air filter / cartridge / high-flow / semi-automatic
air filter
439 PLUS

Filtration size: 40 µm
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar
Flow rate: 1,700 l/min

High flow filter for insertion in air lines. Check window for waste liquids. Semi-automatic drain system. Suitable for all type of installations, accessories included.

liquid filter / cartridge / high-flow / high-capacity
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 1 bar - 10 bar
Flow rate: 160 m³/h - 980 m³/h

HHF HIGHEST FLOW RATE FILTER General description The HHF self-cleaning filter is capable of filtering very large volumes of liquids, according on the amount and types ...

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