data reconciliation software / process / industrial / off-line



  • Function:

    data reconciliation

  • Applications:

    process, industrial

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BILCO is a software application performing data reconciliation by material balance. BILCO enables to get consistent mass balances from raw data measured on the processed material flow rates of a plant or a pilot plant.

Indeed, establishing consistent material balances can be difficult because raw datasets are unbalanced due to measurement errors.

To which data should I give the priority? How can I ensure that the most reliable data are better taken into account that the least precise data?

BILCO is the solution. Based on the most advanced reconciliation algorithm on the market, BILCO performs consistent mass balances taking into account the different precision levels of your raw data. The precision of all your dataset is improved, and the missing data are estimated.

Application fields: mineral processing, metallurgical plants, waste sorting and recycling, biomass processing, agroindustry, chemical and petrochemical plants…