packet IC modem / QAM / for industry / low-power
CMX7163 CML Microcircuits


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    for industry

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The low power half-duplex CMX7163 QAM Modem supports numerous channel spacings under the aegis of a host microcontroller (µC). The Function Image™ (FI) on it is preloaded to fire up the device and gauge types of modules.

It supports 4, 16 and 64 QAM modules of up to 96 kbps within a single 25 kHz channel; the channel is estimated and equalized to offer optimal performance under actual channel conditions.

Thanks to flexible bit rates, many applications can easily be supported as per desired astuteness and bit rate.

Raw modes and forward error correction are on offer, which support numerous applications thanks to user-defined packet structures. There is also the provision for differential rate FEC modes that ensure enhanced flexibility. Link conditions can be assessed well with signal quality measurement.

Finally, high performing IF filters can be configured in a way that multiple channel spacings are supported through a host command; a feature that can potentially eliminate any requirement for switching between various discretionary IF filters.