QAM modem integrated circuit
max. 96 kbps | CMX7163 CML Microcircuits

The CMX7163 QAM Modem is a low power half-duplex device supporting multiple channel spacings under host microcontroller (µC) control. Its Function Image™ (FI) is loaded to initialise the device and determine modulation types.
The 7163FI-4.x supports 4-, 16- and 64-QAM modulations up to 96kbps in a 25kHz channel, with channel estimation and equalization to provide robust performance under realistic channel conditions.
Flexible bit rates support a wide range of applications requiring a selectable bit rate and robustness.

Forward error correction and raw modes are available and support user-defined packet structures to support a range of applications. For greater flexibility, different rate FEC modes are provided. Receive signal quality measurement is supported, making a useful assessment of link conditions.

High performance digital IF filters may be reconfigured to support multiple channel spacings via host command. This feature may eliminate the need to switch between multiple discrete IF filters.


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