Recirculating ball bearing linear guide
16.5 - 818 mm DELTRON

Del-Tron's slide guides provide linear motion solutions for applications involving long travels and designs where space constraints must be considered. These recirculating guides consist of a block and a guide rail, both having two R-shape raceway grooves that are machined and precision ground. The block consists of a main body with two raceways and a resin return cap to ensure smooth circulation of balls. These precision steel balls roll in their respective raceway groove with contact at four points between the block and the guide rail. These low friction, compact and light weight recirculating guides are capable of carrying loads in excess of 700 kg., and provide travels up to 880mm. Stainless steel units are also available where corrosion resistance is a design concern. For your convenience solid model drawings for this entire product line are available on our website. Other industry terms include slide guides, and more generally, linear bearings, and linear slides.

• Smooth and stable operation
• Compact, lightweight and low price
• High load capacity due to R-shaped groove
• Four-point contact to carry load and moment in all directions
• 400 Series Stainless steel units available
• Extra wide type available


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