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Cartridge dust collector / mechanical shaker cleaning
Modu-Kleen™ 250 series Dynamic Air


  • Technology:


  • Backflushing:

    mechanical shaker cleaning

  • Output:

    Min.: 4 m³/h (141.26 ft³/h)

    Max.: 42 m³/h (1483.22 ft³/h)


The Modu-Kleen bin vent/dust collector is mainly used for vent boxes, supply silos, mixers, blenders as well as pneumatic transfer mechanisms or any tool that can regulate dirt particles. This machine adheres to the majority of air pollution standards and can be regulated using firm state electronics with minimal maintenance, and can clean itself.

The cone jet diffuser is an essential piece of the container enclosure with a vibration distance of the entire container during cleansing cycles. The vibration wave can largely enhance the Modu-Kleen's productivity than the rest of the venturi dirt storage systems that can direct the vibration wave across a small segment of the container.

Moreover, the filter containers can be cleaned one by one for the Modu-Kleen Series 250 to function consistently without having to switch off for cleansing works.


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