temperature data logger / USB / Bluetooth / without display
Datapaq® Reflow Tracker® Fluke Process Instruments



  • Measured quantity:


  • Connector type:

    USB, Bluetooth

  • Display:

    without display

  • Applications:

    for monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, programmable, high-accuracy, compact, battery-powered, rugged


The Datapaq Reflow Tracker program includes a comprehensive range of high-accuracy, industrial-strength Datapaq DP5 data loggers in several compact formats, various low-height thermal barriers, the Datapaq Insight Reflow Tracker analysis software, and a selection of fast-response, high-temperature thermocouples for measuring SMD and PCB temperatures and process stability.
It provides efficient, easy-to-use, reliable temperature monitoring solutions for the full range of soldering processes, including:
WAVE SOLDERING – In combination with a Datapaq wave pallet offering up to 9 contact sensors and 3 preheat sensors, the Reflow Tracker offers a low-cost process monitoring solution for wave soldering. The software transforms the raw temperature readings into actionable data including contact times and parallelism.
SELECTIVE SOLDERING – The Reflow Tracker is small enough to fit in many selective soldering processes. You can profile product temperature via thermocouples or use the unique PA2200 selective soldering sensor to measure process stability.
VACUUM SOLDERING – The small size and low thermal mass of the thermal barriers means the Reflow Tracker can be used in most vacuum soldering ovens. Data transmission via radio, enables you to process and analyze real-time data from within the sealed chamber.
VAPOR PHASE SOLDERING – A range of sealed and lighter weight thermal barriers enable you to profile this process with minimal process disturbance.
REWORK STATIONS – The ability to monitor at high speed in real time, either via the USB cable or Bluetooth connection, ensures the Datapaq DP5 data logger is the ideal solution for monitoring rework stations of any type.