video corpo

Computed radiography scanner
25 - 200 µm, 14 bpp | DynamIx HR² / DynamIx VU Fujifilm NDT Systems


  • Technical application:

    computed radiography


The DynamIx HR2 / DynamIx VU by Fujifilm is a high quality performing system, which combines software, image reading, and IP leading technologies to produce some of the most outstanding image quality. Its features include superior signal-to-noise ratio (or just SNR), as well as an expansive density and spatial resolution. Another would be the broad dynamic range, accompanied by the novel image processing (originally producing precise individual inspection, it also helps with the system's overall performance). Among the newer features of this system include the DynamIx VU Thickness* measurement mechanism, enable simpler, and more seamless corrosion tests, along with the Special Cut IP System, which which provides IPs custom-made to examine objects.


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