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X-ray non-destructive testing system

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X-ray non-destructive testing system X-ray non-destructive testing system - FNDX 5


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The FNDX 5 processes films to the highest standard of quality: The design of the roller transport system ensures that all transport rollers are below solution level, eliminating crystallisation problems. Intermediate rinsing reduces developer carry over and extends the life of the fixer. The crossover rack covers help reduce developer oxidation and extend the life of the developer. The developer tank has a filter in the recirculation system to capture suspended material. The developer and fixer tanks are separately heated and an inline cooling system ensures a stable developer tem-perature even in high ambient temperatures.

High volume with high economy:
Chemistry replenishment is controlled by the 6 infra red sensors at the film entry section. The area of film to be processed is measured and the correct amount of developer and fixer replenisher is added to the processing tanks as the film is processed. This ensures rapid processing and the highest quality processing for every film.

Remote control panel:
The control panel monitors the status of the processor and is programmable for 9 different processing systems. The transport speed, chemistry temperature and replenishment rates are programmable by the remote control from a distance of 1.5 meters.

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