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MINIFLASH - The new Age of Flashpoint Testing

MINIFLASH is a unique series of instruments for the automatic determination of the flashpoint of liquids and solid samples according to the advanced ASTM D7094 standard. This procedure describes the “Standard Test Method for Flash-Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup (MCCCFP)”, which offers the highest repeatability and reproducibility and an excellent correlation to the D93 Pensky-Martens method: "there is no statistically significant bias observed between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93 Procedure A” as concluded during the last Round Robin.

Test results are equivalent to other well known standards such as Abel and TAG, and thanks to its unique design MINIFLASH can be used for more difficult applications such as flash-point testing of contaminated samples like diesel fuel in lube oil or gasoline in diesel fuel and for biodiesel testing.

Its continuously closed cup design and small sample volume of only 2 mL offers maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area and reduces sample waste.

Due to the true portability and rugged housing, the MINIFLASH is also the perfect solution for mobile labs and military applications.

* Complies exclusively to ASTM D 7094 and ASTM D6450 (Flash-Point by Continuously Closed Cup)
* Maximum Safety: only 2ml sample, no open flame, continuously closed cup, no offensive vapors
* Excellent Correlation to ASTM D93, D56, ISO2719, ISO13736, IP170, ISO 3679 & 3680
* Approved by: US D.O.T., RCRA, NATO and the US NAVY
* Approved for the ASTM specifications of recycled fuel and biodiesel
* The world wide standard in the flavors and fragrances industry